Here Comes ZephyrFest!

We are excited to announce ZephyrFest!

Our weekly youtube music fest hosted by Molly Knight featuring the people who put the people in "people powered radio" (programmers, committee members, supporters & more), music from the Banana Grape Stomp’s archives, messages from our great underwriters and more. ZephyrFest will premier a new episode every Thursday at 7pm. 

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Special thank you to KZFR programmers Dan Carter & Bill DeBlonk for their work on this exciting new project. Underwritten by: Duffy’s Tavern, Petersen Tree Care and Farm Star Pizza.

PRIEMER EPISODE #1: 3/25/21 Featuring music from The Mother Hips & KZFR programmer Bill DeBlonk cohost of "Creole Stomp" & "Playing Dead," plus programmers Ginger Nichols host of "Radio Active" & Danno Duart cohost of "All Mixed Up" on the ZephyrZoomshot! 

EPISODE #002: 4/1/21 Featuring music from Severance Package & KZFR programmer Jake Sprecher cohost of "Fun House" & "It's Just Jazz" plus the programmers Rick Carr host of "Run The Gamut" and Anna Kastner host of "Native Song" in the ZephyrZoomshot!

EPISODE #0034/8/21 Featuring music from Blu Egyptian & KZFR Programmer extraordinaire Maria Olson host of "Audio Fix" plus the ZephyrZoomshot!

EPISODE #004: 4/15/21 Featuring music from Triple Tree & the master of the control towers KZFR Programmer Sanjay Dev host of "Devastation Sounds" plus the ZephyrZoomshot!

EPISODE #005: 4/22/21 Featuring music from John Michael Sun and Susan Dobra & KZFR BOD President Mercedes Macias plus the ZephyrZoomshot!

EPISODE #006: 4/29/21 Featuring music from Hannah Jane Kile & KZFR Programmer Dan Carter host of "O'Dark:30" plus the ZephyrZoomshot!