One World Music

One World Music

Spin the globe with one world music - featuring indigenous, traditional and con temporary world music from around the planet. Interspersed between the music are short inspirational readings and interviews from spiritual, social, environmental and political sources. One World Music promotes the concept that the inhabitants of our planet can unify and learn to appreciate and respect one anthers' cultures through exposure to the richness of the spectrum of music.

One World music Host Diane Suzuki shares about her community radio experiences:

"I’ve listened to community radio since I was in my early 20’s in Los Angeles – it’s KPFK down south. I loved the jazz shows and the public affairs programming. In the 70’s, there was a lot of new ideas, revolutionary ideas, pro-peace, protest information and anti-war protests being broadcast.

In the mid-70’s, I fell in love with the local environment specifically Upper Chico Park and then fell in love with the community of Chico and surrounding smaller foothill communities. Before KZFR’s inception we would move our radio and its antennae around the house to get reception from KPFA in BerkeIey and KVMR in Nevada City. I remember the first shows that KZFR broadcasted on E. 20th St  and was so enthusiastic to be listening to homegrown programming by our own local community members.

In the 90’s, my husband, Jimmy Brobeck was trained by Laurel Avalon of the Peace and Social Justice show and featured his own show called Dialogues, a half hour very concise interview format akin to Terre Gross’ Fresh Air. I subbed for Dialogues a few times which I found both challenging and fulfilling. Having been an avid listener of David Meyer’s excellent world music show on KPFA, I jumped at the opportunity to have my own world music show when the General Manager at the time suggested I submit a proposal. 

My very first interview was with Arun Gandhi, the grandson of Mahatma Mohandas, the Great Gandhi and since I was very new at interviews and realized that I was being quite bold to be interviewing him I kept it so short that I think Arun was surprised at its fast conclusion. Over the years, the interviews have developed a form of its own in a way by featuring local community members who are doing amazing work out in the world such as Ron Reed, a local District Attorney who created all women well driller projects in Tanzania, Sherri Holbrook who has started orphanages for children whose lives have been affected by AIDS/HIV in Zambia, Miranda Talbott-Pope who relocated to Guatemala and fundraisers in Chico for orphans in the Mayan village she lives in. I love this concept of connecting the local with the global hence the name of my show One World Music. Our community is a model that reflects positive living and community radio KZFR reminds listeners of this and lets them know how to plug in and participate in the glories we are blessed with.

The richness that world music offers has been exemplified over the years with interviews with Nawal from the Cormoros Islands before her gig at Café coda years ago, by David Hidalgo and Luis Perez from Los Lobos coming into the studio before their Laxson Auditorium performance and the local bands Los Caballitos de Cancion, Soul Union, Lansana Kouyate,local balaphone player, MaMuse  and many others have graced our studio.

World Music can be a game changer in that learning or just by listening to music in another language can improve the brain and open minds and hearts to other cultures. We may become Global citizens without ever having to leave our homes or towns.

Community radio is vitally important.
Once established it becomes the accessibility gateway for voices of the community to share and communicate what’s going on in their lives, their creative projects, their passions, their knowledge. Where else can you find this with such ease of access? Our institutions stifle free thinking and freedom to express. Community radio balances our society; brings it into a more healthy alignment. And with it comes healthy citizens who can think more clearly and articulate what is their truth." ~ Diane

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