During our fall 2019 pledge drive. Your ongoing support of KZFR keeps community radio independent & strong in northern California and beyond. We are people powered radio!
Fri, Dec 20th Celebrate the holidays with KZFR & some great rootsy rock n’ roll!
Swamp Zen, Smokey The Grove and Lo & Behold at the Chico Women's Club!
Parents Night Out
Gratitude to Our Non-Profit Volunteers
Thank you to EVERYONE who volunteered to staff our phones during KZFR's Fall 2019 pledge drive.
10:55am, 11-4-2019
Thank You Gifts - Fall 2019 Pledge Drive
We have gift certificates from local businesses, tickets to local events, some cool swag and so much more...
3:20pm, 10-16-2019
Sierra Nevada Spotlight: Teton Gravity Research- Roadless
Sat, Oct 12th at the SNB Big Room
9:38am, 10-10-2019
Pledge Drive Volunteers Needed
Your 2hr volunteer shift on KZFR's pledge drive phones will help keep community radio strong in northern California. We are people powered radio!
12:39pm, 10-2-2019
Tune in 90.1 FM or stream at kzfr.org now to hear a live broadcast from Chico's Global Climate Strike in the downtown plaza!
12:17pm, 9-20-2019
Touch of Chico  2019  Bodyworkers, Healers, Astrologers & More
Achilles Wheel
Fri, Sept 20th - Infectious high energy dance beats and stark lyrical ballads.
learn about the PG&E Assistance program and the Chico State Regenerative AG Program
2:35pm, 8-20-2019
KZFR Dedicated to Diversity
As culture is always changing and society itself continues to evolve, KZFR understands that we must navigate an increasingly diverse world both within and outside our work at the station.
12:08pm, 8-14-2019
Want to be in our 2020 Calendar?
Call for Photo Submissions - Have you taken great shots at one of our events? Send them our way today. Deadline Sept 4th
10:33am, 8-12-2019
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 12-20-2019
Chico Women's Cub
7:00pm, 12-31-2019
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 1-26-2020
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 1-31-2020
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 2-14-2020
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 2-20-2020
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 2-27-2020
Chico Women's Club
6:30pm, 3-6-2020