Erik Mathisen is known as the Founding Father of KZFR. What he originally set out to do in 1981 was to build a translator service to bring the signal of KPFA from Berkeley to the North State. His project veered off in a new direction when a KPFA volunteer asked, "Instead of taking our programming, wouldn't it be better to create programming that reflects your community?" At that moment Erik Mathisen set his sights on building a community radio station in Chico. It took nine years to secure the necessary permits and finances to build the station.

KZFR Community Radio began broadcasting July 6th, 1990 after years of hard work by some very dedicated pioneers. Erik Mathisen is regarded as the prime mover who got the ball rolling. Lee Edwards and Lars Larson are among the folks we honor for putting KZFR on the air.

Our transmitter is located on Nimshew Ridge, California, overlooking the Northern Sacramento Valley. KZFR Community Radio, FM 90.1, broadcasts with 6300 Watts of throbbing power !

(Maybe some of you "old-timers" could write about how programmers used to tape their shows, someone would drive up to the transmitting tower with the tape, and play the tape at our tower in order to broadcast the program. Do any of you have any stories about what it was like for you to do this task?  Let's also add some more names to the honor roll!  Email webmaster@kzfr.org with your juicy stories!)