Program Committee

Program Committee - selection and evaluation of KZFR programs will be made by a Program Committee, subject to the approval of the Program Director, or the General Manager in the absence of a Program Director.  The Program Committee shall be chaired by the Program Director or General Manager, who shall only vote in the event of a tie among other members.  KZFR Staff may not permanently implement programming without the approval of a majority of the Program Committee.  The Program Committee may also advise the Board of Directors on program policy and ascertainment of community needs.

The Program Committee shall consist of between five and nine members, at least two of which, but not more than four, are current KZFR programmers.  Two members shall be elected by the KZFR programmers, concurrent with the programmer election of the Board of Directors.  The Board of Directors shall appoint other committee members.  Program Committee member terms are two years from each member’s election or appointment.

 Program Committee members may serve no more than three consecutive terms and shall be removed from the committee for missing more than 25% of regular meetings during a fiscal year.

Program Committee

  • Rick Anderson - Chair
  • Tamara Wichman
  • Ray Laager

The next Program Committee meeting is at the KZFR studio located at 341 Broadway #416.

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The Program Committee meetings occur on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:30pm at 341 Broadway, Suite 411. Download an Application For The Program Committee Here. The schedule for the Program Committee meetings for 2015 are as follows:

January 7th. 

February 17th. 

March 3rd. Download the Agenda Here

April 7th. 

May 5th. Download the Agenda Here

June 2nd. 

July 7th. 

August 4th. Download the Agenda Here

September 1st. 

October 4th. Download the Agenda Here

November 3rd. 

December 1st.