Board of Directors and Committees

The foundation of KZFR's management is the volunteer support of the Board of Directors and various committees.

The Board of Directors is responsible for KZFR’s financial health and for ensuring the organization meets its community impact goals. The KZFR Board of Directors meets every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month at 6pm on ZOOM. To read about KZFR's Open Meeting Policy, please click here.  If you would to apply to join the Board of Directors, please fill out our Google form

Public Comment Form: If you would like to make a comment, share a concern or question, at the next KZFR Board of Directors ZOOM meeting or if you would like to attend the ZOOM meeting, complete our Public Comment Form.

Agenda Items: If you would like to place an item on the agenda for an upcoming Board of Directors meeting, please submit content to Board of Directors meeting agendas will be posted on the KZFR website. To view the Board of Directors meeting agendas you may click here. To view the approved minutes you may click here

Mercedes Macías – President (7/18, 2nd  Term) - Board Elected

A North State resident for nearly 30 years, Mercedes has spent much of her short life situated between Shasta, Tehama, and Butte Counties.  Mercedes is a Chicanx, Native American descendant of the Tohono O’odham Nation and a granddaughter of Jesús Gilbert Ruíz Macías, a child-farm-worker who labored in the same California lettuce fields as César Chávez, organized with Dolores Huerta, and went on to a career in aeronautical engineering which helped Neil Armstrong land on the moon.  An intersectional Sociologist, Mercedes employs the ideals of life-long-learning as she continues to explore and reexamine personal, social, economic, and political issues from an interdisciplinary and real-world vantagepoint.  In her free time, Mercedes sings karaoke and “ballroom dances” (often badly) whenever possible in addition to performing as a vocalist with local ‘60’s Cover-Band “Channel 66.”  She enjoys live music and community theater, riding her bike, eating delicious vegan-whole-foods, hyphenating words, and marathon-re-watching the first 4 iterations of Star Trek.

Rob Davidson – Vice President (7/17, 2nd Term) - Programmer Elected

Rob is a professor of English at California State University, Chico, where he teaches creative writing and American literature. A founding member of Slow Theatre, the arts nonprofit that produces the Butcher Shop theatre festival (annual, free), Rob is active in several local arts groups. Rob also enjoys travel and has taught overseas in the Eastern Caribbean, Taiwan, Spain, and the U.K. Since 2011, Rob has hosted the music program Sunday Papers on KZFR, every other Sunday 10:30am-1:00pm. Join him for the brunch shift!

John Burge – Treasurer (7/20, 1st Term) - Board Elected

I have been a member of the Zephyr since 1990.  I was the treasurer in the mid 2000s. I am a CPA and have been on the boards of several non profits. I am also an archaeologist.

Courtney Farrell – Secretary (7/18, 2nd Term) - Board Elected

Courtney is a project manager for California State University, Chico with over 20 years’ experience in economic and community development, project management and funding development.  She has coordinated development efforts and strategic planning sessions between cities, counties, government agencies, private companies and nonprofits.  Her expertise is in strategic planning, relationship building, facilitation, conference and event planning, grant writing, donor cultivation and stewardship, and fundraising. Additionally, Courtney is a lecturer in the College of Business. Courtney has been a KZFR supporter for many years and enjoys the opportunity to serve as a board member.

Jeannie Trizzino (7/18, 2nd Term) - Board Elected

Jeannie is a long-time supporter of KZFR and has resided in Chico since escaping from Southern California in the mid-1990s. An amateur naturalist and a long-time animal rights advocate, she runs the local Chico Vegan website. There is much work to be done in this world, and we had best get on with it, preferably with KZFR playing in the background.

Bobbi Tryon (7/18, 2nd Term) - Board Elected

Hello. My name is Bobbi Tryon.  I am a retired RN and involved gramma. I have been involved with KZFR since 2000.  I was on the Program Committee that started airing Amy Goodman. I downloaded and burned a cd of "Democracy Now" Monday through Friday and brought it to the station every morning.  I had a show called “The Skinny” where I previewed and labelled all the new music we received for our library.  I shared the show with my dad on occasion with his show called “the Fatty.” He played Dixieland and big band Jazz. I got involved in another community radio station in Shasta County where I was working as a nurse.  I helped to establish that station and develop the programming using what I had learned from KZFR. It is called KKRN 88.5 FM and is still going strong. For some reason working with community radio seems to be my thing.

Paul O'Rourke-Babb (7/18, 2nd Term) - Board Elected

Paul O'Rourke-Babb is a retired Family Nurse Practitioner, was a programmer for 15 years, and is a tremendous fan of KZFR. He was formerly on the BOD from 1998 to 2004, serving first as Treasurer and then as President. His other loves are gardening, cycling and art.

Sandra Morales-Miller (1/20, 1st Term) - Programmer Elected

I moved to Chico in 2010.  A lot has happened during those 10 years.  I have “Peace through Music” now, along with my kid’s show.  I have become the “Super Sub.” I was splitting the month with Anna on Native Song & I get to sub for “Basically the Blues,” “Face the Music,” “LA Sounds” and much more.  I recently became a member of the Board of Directors which has given me a better understanding of the station's mechanics.  KZFR is my new family and I love being a part of this innovative community radio station.

Ken Pordes (7/20, 1st Term) – Board Elected

I came to Chico in the 80’s to experience college life and the quaint little town of Chico.  40 years later I am still here loving every minute of it.  Having graduated from Butte & Chico State, my passion is attending live performances of all kinds.  Working KCSC radio (CSUC) in my early college days has brought me back around to KZFR and all the fantastic people that make People Powered Radio so great!!

Dan Joseph (7/20, 1st Term) – Board Elected

My name is Dan Joseph, I have just started my seventh year on the Board of KZFR. It's been a pleasure to be part of this great radio station. While being a great education for me , I hope I've been a positive addition to the Board over the course of my term. I am a contractor/Cabinet maker, having lived in the Truckee/ Tahoe area for 30 years, and moved to Paradise almost  8 years ago. I am currently on 3 different boards of directors, Kzfr, the Paradise Community Guilds and Chico Housing Action Team or CHAT, whom I am currently employed by. I hope to move back up to Paradise soon and build.


Committees serve to develop the finer points of KZFR's sound and on-air identity. 

Program Committee

Selection and evaluation of KZFR programs will be made by a Program Committee. The Program Committee shall consist of between five and nine members, at least two of which, but not more than four, are current KZFR programmers. Members who are programmers shall be elected by the KZFR programmers, concurrent with the programmer election of the Board of Directors each June. The Board of Directors shall appoint other committee members.

To learn more about the Program Committee click here

Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board, or 'CAB', a body established by the KZFR Board of Directors, in compliance with Corporation for Public Broadcasting regulations (, to assist the station in being more responsive to community needs by providing for effective public participation in planning and decision-making. The CAB is solely advisory in nature, and is distinct and independent of the Board of Directors (the station's governing body). To learn more about the Community Advisory Board click here

You may download and print applications for the Program Committee and/or Community Advisory Board.

Other temporary committees are created at the discretion of the Board of Directors, which holds meetings open to the public. To learn about other committees please email the KZFR Office at

To view KZFR's Public Documents click here