Ask Dr. Gayle

Ask Dr. Gayle

Inspired by the “Ask Dr. Gayle” column in the Lotus Guide magazine, Gayle Kimball responds to your questions and observations, interviewing a changing panel of experts. 

Dr. Gayle invites your suggestions for discussion topics and feedback about shows, including ones in the archive that began on February 9, 2017. Email to suggest future topics and give feedback.

"Surviving in a Hostile Environment"  - In an Ask Dr. Gayle interview Amasha describes how she copes being one of the 2% of African American students in a California university (along with a Chicano convict) about surviving in a hostile environment. Watch the interview. (May 2017)

*“Ask Dr. Gayle” is on the 2nd Thursday of each month & alternates with these programs: Butte Views & Beyond, The Doctor's In, Youth for Justice & A Classical Stroll

  • Second Thursdays, 6:00pm7:00pm