Become a Programmer

We are excited to provide the opportunity for community members to learn how to be a radio broadcaster and have a program on KZFR. 

As an educational organization, KZFR offers a comprehensive training in the historical, legal, and technical aspects of non-commercial radio broadcasting. At the successful completion of this Programmer Training, one may substitute host existing programs, or submit a Program Proposal to create a new program.

  • New Programmer Orientation - our next New Programmer Orientation will be held on Monday, March 11, 2024 at 6:00pm at the KZFR studios. RSVP is required, please fill out the form below. If form is not visible please contact [email protected].
  • Technical Orientation - These in-person training session takes place in the broadcast studio and includes an overview of the tools and technology of broadcasting. It is an introduction to operating the studio equipment scheduled by appointment. Trainings occur in (1)hour sessions and it may take more than one session to complete the technical oreitnation.
  • Apprenticeship or 'Shadowing' - Armed with the basics of broadcasting, programmers-in-training now spend time in the studio with existing programmers, observing and getting hands-on with the equipment. This is the stage where personal motivation and experiential learning is the key to becoming certified. Apprenticeship is done until the trainee is adept enough with the equipment to take the exam without help. Trainees must complete 8 hours of 'Shadowing' before an attempt at the Certification Test can be made.
  • Programmer Certification Test - The final stage of Programmer Training is a practical exam. This test is intended to replicate the broadcasting environment, and the trainee must perform every task necessary to run a show without support or mistakes. At the completion of the Certification Test the trainee is now a Certified Programmer!

Unique program slots are uncommon and competition can be high. Personal drive and a desire to be involved with KZFR on many levels (volunteering, attending events, et cetera) is necessary to successfully land a personal show. If you have a great idea for a program and believe radio programming is for you, download and print an Application for Broadcast Permit and bring it into the studio to begin the process!

For questions, please call the KZFR Office at 895-0706 or email [email protected]

Download the Application For Broadcast Permit 

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