We're doing St. Patrick's Day in a way that only Chico can - with Low Flying Birds, Blu Egyptian, Smokey The Groove, and libations from Sierra Nevada Brewing Company.
1:38pm, 2-22-2022
This Spring there will be a Collector’s exhibition of art by David Sisk, aka Sisko. Learn how you can submit your Sisko piece to the exhibit.
10:08am, 1-31-2022
Listen back to Dead Awake, Blu Egyptian, and The Roses live from the Chico Women's Club 12/31/2021
1:21pm, 1-4-2022
Get yours today! Each of these unique designs are now immortalized in KZFR t-shirt fandom.
2:33pm, 1-3-2022
Your input can help guide the sound of KZFR. This is a great opportunity for you to get involved with Chico’s Best Radio Station, learn more about the Mighty Zephyr and help keep community radio strong in the North State.
1:39pm, 1-3-2022