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12:15pm, 11-2-2022
You bring your dancing shoes! You don't want to miss our 2022/23 line up. We have great local and traveling musicians coming your way...
11:58am, 11-2-2022
Thank You to everyone who contributed during our fall 2022 pledge drive! We're happy to share that we went over our goal! It's your support that keeps independent, grassroots, community radio alive & strong right here in the north state.
11:04am, 10-17-2022
No worries! You can still contribute by clicking the Donate tab above & pick out a cool thank you gift. Like one of the new mugs!
1:03pm, 10-3-2022
Pledge your support to the station that gives this community what it needs every day. Unique music to excite the soul & info on local issues to motivate us to make our community a better place for all. Together we are powerful! Please, pledge today.
12:08pm, 10-3-2022
Have you registered to vote? No worries, there's still time! It's easy just go to registertovote.ca.gov for details.
1:37pm, 9-27-2022
Get info on fun events and concerts, updates on important local issues and there's ticket giveaways, too! Plus inside glimpses of what's happening at your favorite community radio station.
5:50pm, 9-8-2022
We're excited to have Kim Weir's popular "Up The Road" segment in our program line up starting on Sept 6th!
5:54pm, 9-1-2022
We're honored to bring you the unique programming you obviously love & value. Thank you for voting for the Mighty Zephyr.
2:12pm, 9-1-2022