Tune in 90.1 FM or stream at kzfr.org now to hear a live broadcast from Chico's Global Climate Strike in the downtown plaza!
12:17pm, 9-20-2019
Sunday, Oct 6th 10am-Noon at the Dorothy Johnson Community Center, Chico
11:58am, 9-20-2019
Fri, Sept 27th - Featuring The Real Sarahs! Threads of folk, jazz, blues, and country.
11:15am, 9-16-2019
KZFR is proud to fill our community with music. We'll see you on the dance floor!
10:28am, 9-12-2019
Fri, Sept 20th - Infectious high energy dance beats and stark lyrical ballads.
10:10am, 9-3-2019
Sept 14th - Live Music by Tripping Up the Stairs with special guest Lenore Frigo
10:05am, 9-3-2019
Sun, 9/29 Thanks to all the talent teachers and healers we have a fascinating Skill Share schedule for you this year at the 18th annual Touch of Chico.
12:10pm, 8-30-2019
9/21 - The Story of Murdered Student Activist Marc Thompson
3:23pm, 8-29-2019
learn about the PG&E Assistance program and the Chico State Regenerative AG Program
2:35pm, 8-20-2019
We'd be honored if you would Vote for KZFR! We appreciate your ongoing love and support of community radio. Don't delay - Voting ends Sept 11th
11:48am, 8-16-2019
As culture is always changing and society itself continues to evolve, KZFR understands that we must navigate an increasingly diverse world both within and outside our work at the station.
12:08pm, 8-14-2019
Call for Photo Submissions - Have you taken great shots at one of our events? Send them our way today. Deadline Sept 4th
10:33am, 8-12-2019
The Chico News & Review is doing their 2019 "BEST OF CHICO" campaign right now and we'd be honored if you would Vote for us!
10:26am, 8-12-2019
Sun, Sept 15th - Mother Hips frontman going solo at the Chico Women's Club
1:38pm, 8-2-2019
3rd Night Added! Thursday & Friday sold out quick. Saturday, Aug 31st tickets available now.
1:16pm, 8-1-2019