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3:04pm, 6-17-2020
If you'd like to submit a comment or question to the Board of Directors, please fill out the Google Form...
4:13pm, 6-14-2020
By Lama Zenkar Rinpoche (Translated by Bhakha Tulku)
10:31am, 6-9-2020
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9:37pm, 6-8-2020
Put a face to the voice behind the mic. Say hello to your favorite DJs!
10:39pm, 6-6-2020
It's easy to be silent. KZFR cries out against injustice. We remain committed to peace, social justice & compassion. Black Lives Matter. Join us in solidarity.
10:17pm, 6-2-2020
Say Hello to Preston, Jan, Sister Shoshana, Rick, Bill, Tim & Rob.
2:46pm, 6-1-2020
There's one thing you can rely on during these challenging times and that's KZFR
2:18pm, 6-1-2020
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5:40pm, 5-27-2020
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6:40pm, 5-20-2020
Host Matt Fidler delivers local news affecting the Sacramento Valley and beyond
3:00pm, 5-19-2020
We're accepting applications now thru Friday, June 5th
1:07pm, 5-19-2020
Say Hello to Anna, Dan, Kozmic Kev, David & John
11:59am, 5-15-2020
We do!! We remember them all!
2:53pm, 5-12-2020
We'll turn that old car into programs you love!
1:28pm, 5-7-2020