The Sierra Nevada Brewery is honoring us with a special ale.
4:15pm, 9-7-2020
Celebrate 30 Years of Community Radio With Us! Pledge your support to the station & get a shirt or poster of the cool KZFR Anniversary Ale label art as your thank you gift.
4:12pm, 9-7-2020
After hosting Woody & Friends every Monday morning for almost 25 years, David Guzzetti is retiring from KZFR. We wish you all the best, David & hope you'll be "celebrating life's twists and turns" in the days ahead. Thank you for all you have done for KZF
12:57pm, 9-5-2020
Your Community, Your Station
1:44pm, 8-24-2020
Stay up to date with the #ButteLightningComplex
1:03pm, 8-19-2020
Say Hello to DJs Jon, Lisa, Jake, Tom, George & Janet, Papa John & Russell
11:30am, 7-30-2020
Say Hello to Brad, Tom L, David S, Dena & Lucia, Jesse, Laurie & Rene
4:14pm, 7-23-2020