Sat, Feb 8th - Intimate show in Studio 416. Only 40 seats!
10:33am, 1-27-2020
Sunday, January 19, 2020 at Chico City Plaza. Chico’s 38th Annual Celebration!
11:14am, 1-7-2020
Fri, Jan 31st - And The Untraditional! M. Lockwood Porter opening.
11:05am, 1-3-2020
Thanks to a handful of dedicated pioneers and your ongoing support, 2020 marks KZFR's 30th year of broadcasting! To celebrate we're offering a special gift to donors...
1:51pm, 12-22-2019
Sun, Jan 26 Starring Tif Ginn at the Chico Women's Club
1:49pm, 12-22-2019
3 Easy Steps - Call, Pick Up & Gone
11:27am, 12-18-2019
11:15am, 12-16-2019
News for the week of 12/9/19
1:19pm, 12-9-2019
12:27pm, 12-5-2019
Swamp Zen, Smokey The Grove and Lo & Behold at the Chico Women's Club!
4:22pm, 11-24-2019