This Saturday 4/19 at the Chico Grange Hall with the Pub Scouts and more!
2:58pm, 4-8-2014
Spring Swing with Ha'Penny Bridge & the RHR Jazz Trio
6:00pm, 4-5-2014
Dances from Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Greece, Israel and USA.
5:53pm, 4-3-2014
Crafts, games, music and more at the Chico Creek Nature Center
6:09pm, 4-2-2014
Four special lectures themed “Stories of Transformation” in April
10:00am, 4-1-2014
Live music, Luminijas and more!
9:19am, 4-1-2014
CN&R's free all-day music festival! Couple dozen acts and winners announced.
5:39pm, 3-31-2014
A free talk on helping children.
5:13pm, 3-31-2014