KZFR Cares About Musicians

Local musicians are the pulse of our artistic community. The musicians in Butte County have helped create a vibrant community.

COVID and subsequent stay-at-home orders has affected many sectors of our economy - one that is commonly overlooked is the arts & culture. Many of Butte County’s musicians and DJs have been unable to perform in night clubs or at music festivals and are therefore in financial straits. Countless events both private and public have been postponed or canceled. 

With help from Nell & Jim Robinson, KZFR is putting money back into the pockets of our local, performing musicians with the ‘KZFR Cares About Musicians’ fund. Local musicians are vital to the culture of our community and KZFR is proud to extend our support to local musicians. 

The deadline has closed for applications. To inquire about an application that was submitted please email [email protected]

To celebrate our local musicians and to continue to fund the ‘KZFR Cares About Musicians’ fund KZFR will be producing a virtual concert on our digital media outlets where we will ask for donations that will be added to the ‘KZFR Cares About Musicians’ fund to then be redistributed into our community of musicians. 

KZFR is asking all applicants that receive financial to submit a video file of a performance that can be used by KZFR in the fundraising portion of the ‘KZFR Cares About Musicians’ fund. Recorded performances can be solo or with a band and can be submitted to KZFR via email - [email protected] - and videos should be 3-7minutes in length. 

For rules and eligibility please read the disclaimer