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Put A Face To The Voice Behind The Mic

KZFR is shortening the distance in social distancing by giving you, our listeners, a chance to meet your favorite KZFR DJ.  Every day during this campaign, KZFR will feature an on-air DJ with a social media vignette about themself, their radio program, personal interests, and more. This'll give you the opportunity to get better connected with the personalities you wake up and go to sleep listening to. In the time of stay-at-home orders we want our listeners to know that their community radio station is working hard to deliver cutting edge news and information and one-of-a-kind music selections.

We are proud to introduce you to KZFR DJs Josh, Branden, Sue, Rafiki, Lili, Danno & Lampdog...

It's thanks to all our volunteer DJs that KZFR can continue to bring you the unique programming you value and enjoy every day.

Eve of Destruction host Josh Indar - "I'm a musician, writer and unreformed punker who loves all kinds of music and still believes in the transformative powers of rock and roll. I'm passionate about radio, luv my listeners and am thankful to be a part of the KZFR community."

The Breakdown host Branden Melrose - "I think that I created The Breakdown because of one person. Bill Nye. I grew up in an age of television where shows like Bill Nye the science guy, how it's made, and a number of other edutainment shows were very popular. As I grew up though I realized that most people became burnt out in school and at work and lost a lot of the curiosity that makes learning fun. I worked as both a tutor and as a teaching assistant. During that time I found the joy that lights the faces of people when they come to understand something. So when I found out about KZFR and saw the mission statement on the wall of the studio I was sold on joining and trying to bring edutainment back to the airwaves. I love covering a large variety of subjects and hearing from listeners. If I have peaked any of your interests and tempted you to search out knowledge then I have done everything I have ever wanted."

The Real Issue host Sue Hilderbrand - "I have always loved political talk radio. As a kid I would sit on the bathroom counter, with the door locked, and listen for hours to the voices talking about serious stuff.  Radio is both an intimate and lonely medium, and has been a constant companion for me. KZFR allows me to be one of those faceless voices talking about politics, and I take this opportunity very seriously. The airwaves are a scarce resource, so I carefully choose the topics and guests each week. The goal of my weekly program is to serve the community by allowing us to talk with each other and to strengthen our democracy by wrestling with the issues that affect us all. KZFR is a force for good, and it is an honor to be a part of it."

Funky Reservations & All Mixed Up co-host Rafiki ‘The Choctow’ Webster - "I would like to say that I am very fortunate and grateful to be a part of the KZFR family. My musical influence started during the 1960's, by being exposed to various genres of music by family members who were musicians either in church or in bands. Growing up in San Francisco primarily, I was exposed to Soul, gospel, funk, rock eventually jazz and from living in Oklahoma country music. It wasn't until I started high school in 1972, that I discovered reggae music to round out my electrical, musical interests. During high school, I had an interest in the bass guitar and saxophone, in which I practiced all the time, but I wasn't any good to play in any groups. But one thing that I could do very well, was spin some discs, since I was always hanging out at the record stores (Tower, Warehouse, Wauzi). Upon coming to Chico to attend college, we noticed that there wasn't good music on the radio locally, so my friends and I would make frequent trips to the Bay Area, to purchase albums with our financial aid money to host house parties in the area. We were always pipelining music from local stations out of S.F., Oakland and L.A (KDIA, KSOL, KDAY and KBLX) to keep us in the groove. I've also had 20 years experience of being musical roady, working with and accompanying bands at various casinos and outside venues. I like to thank my musical experience and knowledge to being a contributing factor to KZFR in which I've been on board since 2013. I was mentored by Jim Howell (who I co-hosted with) on All Mixed Up and Sanjay Dev from Devastation Sounds. It was Sanjay who put the bug in my ear to become a programmer on this esteemed station with the help of DJ PHG. Now I can proudly say that I now have my own show (Funky Reservation) who I proudly share with Lady Amsburger, and together, we bring you music from uncharted territories. We play new and old school classics that most of our listeners have never heard and make it relevant. That's the secret of our success, by keeping our music funky, and tasty, like good barbecue off the grill. So tune in on Thursday's and get your soulful explosion and join me every 4th Saturday on All Mixed Up. Thank you KZFR and I thank you wonderful listeners."

The Power of Love host Lili Silva - "I have 3 amazing people in this world that I feel inspired me to be a DJ. First, my lovely Grandma. I used to spend my summer vacation with her. She'd wake up at 5:30am & turn on her little kitchen battery radio. I used to wake up with the radio on & the smell of coffee. I spent quality time with my lovely grandma. Second, Irineu Toledo, journalist & broadcaster in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Creator of the first journalism program at FM with a focus on personal development, work, business and motivation. I used to wake up early just to listen to his program. His voice lead & transformed my life with inspiring messages to start the day. Third the KZFR Family. Specially Hondo, I feel grateful for his help with the first step of becoming a DJ. Steve O'Bryan, I feel happy that he unexpectedly put me on the air. I have so much gratitude for Diana Suzuki who trusted me to sub many of her shows. I feel happy being with Jan Bielfelt who showed me how to use the computer. Bill Mash with his good energy & help with my first demo interview. Dan Carter helped me with my great second demo & interview with Montriel Jamari that also inspired me to do my own podcast. Stephen & Susan Tchudi for letting me watch them doing great interviews. Kev, Jim, Rick Anderson, Shoshana, Sr Felipe, Rafiki, Smiley, Cohen & Sanjay for welcoming me on their shows. About 2 year ago, when I met KZFR DJ Hondo volunteering for KZFR at the Farmers Market, I shared with him that I had a dream to play Brazilian sounds and inspiring people to transform their lives through positive thinking. Then a year later, I crossed Hondo leaving KZFR & he asked me about my dream. I said, "I still have it & I am ready to start". I got my application & a list of certified programmers that I could start my training with. I contacted them all and made appointments with almost all of the. I fell in love with them all, they welcomed me & showed me their style. About 20 days later, I got approved for my certification test. In October of 2019, I felt amazingly happy to have my own show. Writing this made me realize that I am doing the same as my grandma, but now my radio is KZFR. I feel happy to host “The Power of Love". I feel honored to be part of the KZFR Family to broadcast my Brazilian culture & music. I also wish to be an inspirational speaker, talking communication, empowering people to have a loving, healthy relationships & changing the future through positive thinking & constructive action."

All Mixed Up co-host Dan Duart - "Radio has always been a major love of mine, right after music and comedy. So, why not combine them?  During my grade school days in New Jersey, I'd catch AM DJs out of New York City, like WABC, then during high school and college in the Midwest, when FM was  catching on, Chicago radio was a musical beacon, WXRT, in particular. Moving to Berkeley in 1980s, I discovered KALX, KPFA, KQED, KFOG and others. In 2006, I was becoming a certified programmer with KZFR, while helping a friend throw an epic 50th birthday party in Big Sur and he asked me to be in charge of the music before and after the live show. The party became known as Hawaii-50 and I took on the nick name "Danno". Meanwhile, back at The Zephyr, I subbed for many shows until Mark asked if I'd like to join the rotation of All Mixed Up. Heck yeah! The spirit of the show, in a word, is DIVERSITY, just like the community we serve and I love playing surprising sets. Mixing genres is huge fun and keeps us all flexible. Thanks for listening!"

Truck Stop Special & Basically The Blues co-host Tom "Lampdawg" Lampkin - "Tom fell in love with rock & roll when he was just a youngster listening to Bay Area AM & FM radio stations in the sixties & seventies. After moving to Chico to attend college, he expanded his record collection to include blues, folk & bluegrass and began attending concerts regularly.  After marrying Rosie & moving to Butte Creek Canyon, Tom embarked on a long career in education, teaching science at Chico High School for 30 years. One of his “hipper” students began calling him “The Lampdawg” & the nickname has stuck ever since. He also enjoys hiking, biking, traveling, sports, and stargazing. He had always liked southern rock but listening to KZFR about 15 years ago opened him up to Americana & country music. He started out his second career as a KZFR DJ about seven years ago by filling in for Penny Lee on Sunday's Truck Stop Special. He has since worked his way up from Penny Lee's busboy to chief cook & bottle washer at the Salty Dog Saloon. He truly enjoys keeping the juke joint jumpin’ by playing roadhouse rock & honky tonk music for truckers & travelers. Lampdawg was also excited to join John Miles co-hosting the Thursday's Basically the Blues lineup about 4 years ago. He enjoys keeping those guitar solos flying & the backbeat thumping. Johnny Winter said it best - “Why do they call it the blues when it makes me feel so good.” “The only difference between real country music and the blues is one beat apart.” – Waylon Jennings"

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