Johnny Hodges



Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges “Beale Street Blues” from Back To Back (1959)

Johnny Hodges & His Orchestra “Blues-A-Plenty” from Blues-a-Plenty (1959)

Duke Ellington & Johnny Hodges “Big Shoe” from SIDE BY SIDE (2010)

Brian Blade Fellowship “Variations of a Bloodline:” from Perceptual (2000)

Albert Rivera “Inner Peace” from Inner Peace (2010)

Nneena Freelon “Until It's Time For You To Go” from Maiden Voyage (1998)

Johnny Hodges & His Orchestra “Gone With The Wind” from Blues-a-Plenty (1959)

Johnny Hodges & His Orchestra “Squatty Roo” from Perdido (1952)

Brian Blade Fellowship “Evinrude-Fifty (Trembling)” from Perceptual (2000)

Charlie Christian “Good Enough To Keep (Air Mail Special)” from The Original Guitar Genius (2005)

Nneena Freelon “Meaning of the Blues” from Nneena Freelon Live (2003)

Nneena Freelon & Diana Krall “In Walked Bud” from Unreleased

Don Ellis “Popeye Blues” from The French Connection Soundtrack (1971)

Don Ellis “The Car” from The French Connection Soundtrack (1971)

Johnny Hodges and His Orchestra “Don't Take Your Love From Me” from Blues-a-Plenty(1959)

The JATP All Stars “Funky Blues” from Funky Blues (1952)

Charlie Christian “Swing To Bop” from After Hours

Ben Allison “Third Rail” from Peace Pipe (2002)

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