Chattin' it up with John Mahoney

Bob Mintzer Big Band “Slo Funk” from Incredible Journey (1985)
Nina Simone “Exactly Like You” from At Town Hall (1959)
Nina Simone “Fine And Mellow” from At Town Hall (1959)
Nina Simone “Return Home” from At Town Hall (1959)
Rocy Winslow, Greg D'Augelli, Eric Peter, Johathan Stoyanoff and Robert Delgardo“Witch Hunt” from 1st Monday Jazz at Cafe Coda (2013)
John Mahoney “The Best Is Yet To Come” from With the Skyliners (2012)
Joey Mahoney “I'll Be Seeing You” from With the SkylinersI(2012)
John Mahoney “Witchcraft” from With the Skyliners (2012)
Paul Edis Sextet “Blues for Dad” from There Will Be Time (2012)
Paul Edis Sextet “Up Late” from There Will Be Time (2012)
Django Reinhardt “Nuages” from La Marseillaise (2007)
Jimmy Forrest “Myra” from All the gin is gone (1959)
David "Fathead" Newman “For Stanley” from Davey Blue (2002)
Antonio Carlos Jobim “Agua de Beber” from Compact Jazz
Antonio Carlos Jobim “Brazil” from Stone Flower (1971)
Nina Simone “Sinnerman” from Pastel Blues (1965)


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