Community Advisory Board

The Community Advisory Board (CAB) is a body established by the KZFR Board of Directors in compliance with Corporation for Public Broadcasting regulations ( The CAB assists the station in being more responsive to community needs by providing for effective public participation in planning and decision-making. The CAB is solely advisory in nature, and is distinct and independent of the Board of Directors (the station's governing body). The CAB is comprised of people who are reasonably representative of the diverse needs and interest of the communities served by the station. 

There is no required number of members, but generally five to ten people serve on the advisory board for renewable one-year terms. Community Advisory Board meetings are coordinated by a member of the KZFR Board of Directors. Meetings are currently held online via Zoom.

The CAB is required to meet at least once per calendar year, and generally meets every 4-6 months (up to 3 meetings per year).

To apply, please complete this Google Form.

Current members on the Community Advisory Board

Rose Febbo

Shelby Hebert

Laura Nelson

Amalia Rodas

Lori Weber

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Past Meeting Minutes

CAB Meeting minutes for 2019.

CAB Meeting minutes for 2020.

CAB Meeting minutes for 2021

CAB Meeting minutes for 2022

CAB Meeting minutes for 7 March 2023

CAB Meeting minutes for 11 April 2023