With a reputation for energetic live shows, Slocan Ramblers return to the Chico Women's Club for a KZFR fundraiser on April 18th...
Thanks to some generous festivals you could get passes as your thank gift! Call (530) 895.0131 now for details.
Pledge today & pick out your favorite gift as a token of our appreciation. Concert tickets, tote bags, mugs & more...
Free Fare Day for B-Line Passengers - Monday, April 22nd - Earth Day
Local Nonprofits Make A Difference
Their volunteer time keeps independent community radio going strong which in turn gives everyone in our community a chance to be heard. Musicians, Activists, Artists & YOU!
12:41pm, 4-15-2024
Celebrate Women Artists & Activists
Tune in for all the amazing shows our programmers are creating for Women's History Month!
1:59pm, 3-7-2024
We Are Hiring!
KZFR is currently seeking a Business Manager who will be responsible for maintaining all administrative operations. Click for details...
1:34pm, 2-28-2024
Win 2 Tickets - Lizzie No!
We're excited to bring Lizzie No to Chico on Feb 15th. Click here to sign up for our newsletter today & you'll automatically be entered into a drawing to Win 2 Tickets to the show!
12:53pm, 2-5-2024
“Groovez & Moodz” Alternating Fridays
This new show explores the wonderful sounds of open genre music. Electronic, dance, Latin, soulful & jungle beat grooves with a mashup of everything in between!
12:10pm, 1-31-2024
Love Is On The Air
Send us your song requests today! We'll share your devotion over the airwaves during our "Love Is On the Air" on Wed, Feb 14th from 3-5pm.
2:36pm, 1-17-2024
1/9/24 BOD Meeting Cancelled
If you have any questions or comments you can contact the KZFR BOD via email or by using our Public Comment Form.
1:26pm, 1-5-2024
Meet The New Programmers of 2023
Welcome 7 new voices on the Mighty Zephyr: Natalie, Bryce, Troy, Angela, Amber, Amaya & Jim!
3:52pm, 12-27-2023
TONIGHT Live Broadcast on KZFR!
We're excited to bring you a live broadcast of The Brothers Comatose sold out show from the Sierra Nevada Brewery's Big Room tonight at 7pm
12:23pm, 12-27-2023
Chico Women's Club
9:00am, 5-19-2024
Paradise Performing Arts Center
6:30pm, 7-30-2024