Keyboardist for ALO and Jack White are coming to Chico with his own band...
12:27pm, 7-30-2018
Join KZFR & NSPR for a fun night on the beautiful North Forebay!
12:24pm, 7-30-2018
2 responders have been killed, more than 40,000 acres have burned! Funds are being collected for short, long-term relief efforts...
12:30pm, 7-27-2018
Battling a rare and life-threatening disease, little sister Mia was in critical need of a new kidney. Big sister Nyah bravely volunteered to donate one of hers.
3:59pm, 7-26-2018
KZFR is a proud sponsor of this important Stonewall event. We are united in our diversity.
2:08pm, 7-20-2018
KZFR is proud sponsor of this important BEC event - All volunteers are invited to a free BBQ lunch at Sierra Nevada Brewery...
11:01am, 7-20-2018
Comedy & Live Music - A KZFR Benefit Extravaganza @ Duffy's Tavern!
11:43am, 7-11-2018
KZFR co-host of Studio 416 Brad Petersen was recently featured in the CN&R...
10:45am, 7-4-2018
KZFR programmer Diana Suzuki writes about WWII internment camps unjustly imprisoned Americans...
10:40am, 7-4-2018
Joyous folk pop, dream-pop, synth-pop, and Brooklyns mid-aughts guitar-rock revival right here in Chico!
9:58am, 6-25-2018
A night of Rockin' Americana at the Paradise Performing Arts Center!
9:36am, 6-19-2018
Join KZFR for a sunset float at the beautiful North Theralito Bay!
9:31am, 6-19-2018
CodePink Founder / Political Activist / Author Speaking on her latest book "Inside Iran" in Studio 416
12:00pm, 6-15-2018
Featuring the JGB - a tasty mix of blues to funk to rock to jazz, with a little R&B and gospel to spice things up!
11:03am, 6-11-2018
And the obscenely talented Lunatic Fringe bringing brilliant melodies and soaring harmonies to the Chico Women's Club!
11:38am, 6-4-2018
June 18th - Join the conversation about enhancing relationships between local police and the community and the future of citizen oversight of law enforcement.
10:33am, 5-29-2018