Broadcast outage due to power failure

Good afternoon KZFR listeners, 
As the General Manager I would like to take a moment and explain why we are not currently broadcasting on 90.1FM. 
PG&E utility power to the Upper Nimshew Ridge in Magalia has been off since 4:34pm Wednesday. Our transmitter site is located in the affected power area. Once no utility power was detected our generator kicked on and began powering the site. Reports are that the cause of the outage is that someone crashed into a power pole. At approximately 8:50am on Thursday, 12/17/21, our generator ceased delivering power to the transmitter site.
I went to the transmitter site yesterday, Thursday, and there was no visible damage to the interior or exterior of the site. I'm coordinating a battery replacement for our generator to hopefully solve the issue until utility power is restored. I’m actively working to get us back on-air. At the time of writing this PG&E says power won’t be back at the site until 11:00pm on 12/17/21.

In the meantime we are still serving our community with entertainment and education on our website, apps, and streaming platforms. 

Grant C. Parks
KZFR General Manager
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6:52pm, 9-21-2023
No worries! You can listen to your favorite shows in our Archive any time you want for 2 weeks after the original air date.
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3:50pm, 9-21-2023
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