Join Our Program Committee

KZFR’s Program Committee is looking for community members & listeners, like YOU, to be a part of the committee tasked with the Selection and Evaluation of KZFR programs

"From my perspective it gives me an insider eye to what is happening at my favorite radio station. I care a lot about the quality of our programs and want to do my part to bring balance, diversity and representation from the whole community onto the airwaves. I am also an ardent defender of public affairs programming which is the main reason I wanted to join." ~ Chris Nelson (current PC member), KZFR co-host of Peace & Social Justice

We need your help to keep KZFR the unique, independent, people powered station we all value and depend on. Your input can help guide the sound of your local community radio station. 

"I was a member of the Program Committee in the late 1990s (back then it was called the Program Council) and now more than 20 years later I am once again on the PC. Why? It’s a fun way to support the station working with a great group of fellow Zephyrheads. If you care about KZFR and how it sounds on the air, I encourage you to volunteer for the PC. Listeners like you are key to KZFR’s continued growth." ~ Steve Scarborough (current PC member), KZFR co-host of It's Just Jazz

This is a great opportunity to get involved with Chico’s Best Radio Station and to learn more about the Mighty Zephyr. 


Program Committee Duties. Have questions? Please, contact us at 530-895-0706 or We look forward to hearing from you!