BOD Minutes for Meeting on 11/14/12

PRESENT:       Maris Thompson,Steve O'Bryan, Mary Galvin, Hilary Herman, Sue Hilderbrand,                                   Sanjay Dev, Curtis Peldo, David Guzzetti, Justin Vodden


ABSENT:        None  


STAFF:            Rick Anderson


GUESTS:         None


  I.         CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:04 P.M. by Maris.


 II.        AGENDA:   Amendments to the agenda:  Budget review tabled to December meeting. 

            Motion by Mary to approve the agenda as amended.  Second by Hilary.  Unanimous.


III.       MINUTES:  Motion by Hilary to approve the October 10, 2012 minutes as amended.     Second by Sanjay.  Unanimous. 






                           A.  Justin asked to be replaced as Board Treasurer due to work constraints.  He will                                    help transition the new Treasurer when elected.   




                            A.  General Manager, Rick.   


  1.  Chikoko event was very successful. KZFR made over $2,000.


  1.  While the Halloween party was fun, the turnout was very low.


                                          3.    School of  Rock provided great exposure for the participants.     


                                          4.    The Pledge Drive brought in approximately $42,000.


                                          5.    The Cohasset transmitter is currently on hold.


                                          6.     Upcoming Events: 


                                                             Annual CD sale, November 17.

                                                            Mickey Hart at Paradise Performing Arts Center, November 28.

                                                            Will Durst at Chico Women's Club, December 7.                                                                                                                                                    Holiday Party at Mary Galvin's house, December 14.



                                                7.    Rick initiated a discussion regarding holding an All Station Meeting                                                                     in January.  Members suggested holding it in March.  Tabled for                                                             further discussion at the December Board Meeting.


                        B.    Underwriting, Ray.  Attachment 1                                       


                                This report includes all activities performed from October 1 to October 31, 2012.

                                Underwriting activity for the month of October 2012 involved 28 contracts: 16                                      renewals of existing accounts, 5 new or returning accounts and 7 sponsorship and                                          Trade accounts totaling $11,966.00. The total for the same time period last year,                                            October 2011 was $7,296.00, a increase of 60%. The total for all ongoing Trade                                                      activities is $2,462.00 bringing the grand total for all Underwriting activity                                               Underwriters, Sponsorship and Trades) to $14,428.00 for the month of October                                          2012. This month’s Sponsorship opportunities included a contest to win tickets to                                                            the Mickey Hart Concert on November 28 at the Paradise Performing Arts Center.                                      Buy-in was $250.00, we raised $1,250.00. Participants are Blaze’n J’s, The Bicycle                                 Wheel, Garden Connection, The Pita Pit and Mountain Mikes Pizza (Oroville and                                  Paradise).




                        A.      Program Committee, Rick:  The committee reviewed the evaluation process and                                     evaluation form and are satisfied with both aspects.  The ups and downs of the                                     Pledge Drive were discussed; the Program Committee recommends that they work                                   with programmers to help them plan Pledge Drive programs. 


                        B.     Committee Advisory Board, Rick:  The committee discussed ways to make KZFR                                             more accessible to young people, especially college aged.  Hosting an open house                                             was considered.  Curtis suggested posting fliers around CUSD.  Steve suggested                                            contacting local high schools.






                         A.    Strategic Plan:  Reports were given by Goal 2 and Goal 5 Committees.  Sue                                          recommended that  Board members take time to review the goals and objectives.                                           To be revisited at the January 9, 2013 Board meeting for possible final approval. 


                          B.   Hate Speech Research Update:  Sue distributed a report on her research on hate                                   speech.  Members discussed station policy regarding speech containing violence                                             and/or hatred. Policy changes will be considered for the Program Committee to                                            implement.  To be revisited.  




   X.       NEW BUSINESS:  None.


  XI.       CORRESPONDENCE:  None.




XIII.       ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting adjourned at 7:38 P.M.



Next MeetingWednesday, December 12, 2012, 6:00 P.M., KZFR Conference Room. 


Respectfully submitted by Olivia duMosch

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