Wide Variety of Bodyworkers @ KZFR's Touch of Chico 2016

KZFR's 15th Annual Touch of Chico - Saturday, October 1st, Noon-6pm @ Chico Creek Nature Center  

The Touch of Chico brings local bodyworkers together with the community to share their skills and help raise money for KZFR as well as awareness of the holistic health options in "Chico, the Sacramento Valley, the foothills, and beyond".  

KZFR's 15th annual Touch of Chico Bodyworkers

For a $1 a minute you can experience a variety of healing bodywork under the beautiful cedar trees of Bidwell Park with one or more of the following folks...

Diane Suzuki  Enhanced Health   Shiatsu, reflexology, Myofascial Release and other blended therapies. Her specialties are Pre natal massage and End of Life Massage-care.  She practices at American Chi Center in Chico. 

Pyramid Michael   Health-E-2   Graceful Healthcare, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Cranial-sacral Many years of experience  (see ad in Lotus guide)

Jeanne Kristofferson offers “what you need today”, which can range from full body work,(clothed or unclothed), reiki and energy work, or massage for specific areas. 

Ken Hanson  Stress Less, Smile More, Relaxologist   Blended Swedish/Lomi Lomi style is perfect for stress reduction. Free your mind, body and spirit with either the standard 2 handed massage or the 4 handed mirror style. Both will bring relief to your aching body and relentless stress leaving you feeling lighter, happier and at peace.

Ksa Curry is a recent graduate of the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy. With training in Western Techniques, Myofascial Release, Shiatsu, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, and Thai Yoga Massage, Ksa is passionate about the impact that bodywork and simple human touch can have on others

Adam Moes, Lac  Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Chinese Medicine mychineseherbalist.com

Ni Wayan Ekarini (Eka): is a healer and consecrated temple dancer of Bali. Ekarini spent  her early life in Bali, Indonesia, where after years of training, she was consecrated by her community and religion as an indigenous healer (Jero Tapakan) and priest. This enables her to perform traditional Balinese ceremonies and obtain Holy Water from sacred sites in Bali in addition to healing. More info.

Susie Garrett offers foot reflexology, working with the reflex points to work in the balancing of the body's own energy, to the different organs and areas of the body. Care for neuropathy, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs etc.

Shigemi Minetaka teate (Japanese)  to place hands on, "treatment" (for injury, sickness, etc.)  Reiki healing and energy balancing.

Nancy E Presser practices intuitive, empathetic, deep energetic and deep muscular bodywork. She has 20 years of experience and is trained in many modalities, including Deep Tissue, Tui Na, Chinese Energy, NMT, Chakra Balancing and more. Her clients rave about her unique treatment called Soul Energy Work which helps the receiver align with their soul path. 

Amy Yurus practices an eclectic style of massage, taking elements from yoga and Thai massage, sports massage, acupressure, Swedish, deep tissue and medical massage, and tailoring each session to suit the individual client's needs. 

Sierra Onnah offers a refreshing and revitalizing holistic style of bodywork for addressing wellness on many levels. Using a blend of the ancient traditions of acupressure, tui na therapy (meridan massage) and chi nei tsang (taoist abdominal massage) and modern scientific studies of the physical effects of trauma, Sierra is helping clients release discomfort and disharmony to find balance and integration of physical, emotional and psychological issues. Sierra's flowing Qi gong style allows clients to open and expand into wellness.  embodyalchemy.com

Austyn Shirley Working Class Massage offers a variety of massage styles in the convenience of your home at an incredible value! Trained in beautiful Denver, Colorado Austyn has 3 years of experience and is excited to offer his services to the people of Chico!

Shawna McGuire Balanced Bodywork Deep tissue, prenatal, myofascial, Swedish, reflexology, acupressure, reflexology and many other modalities. 

Nora Pineda  Body and Spirit Massage and Energy Field Alignment Energy Field Alignment Reading, Clearing and Healing of energy blockages in your spirit-body.  Inner clarity, Inner Balance, Inner Peace  

Linda Fleischman Reiki     

Beth Sisk Acupressure, Myofascial release   

Toni Crans  Deep Tissue, Prenatal Massage, Swedish, reflexology, Injury massage, cranio-sacral therapy, Structural Bodywork and Trigger Point Therapy.  Specializes in headache reduction and low back and sciatica pain.

Kristi Lopez Awakened Yoga Kristi uses her natural psychic and intuitive ability to connect with her clients in the planetary harmonic field shared by all human beings. This allows her to see her client's mental, physical and spiritual bodies on a collective soul level. This healing perspective allows her to move displaced energy out of the ethereal body field leaving her client's energy liberated and free flowing.

Dawn Bone offers Cranio Sacral therapy in her practice.  She will be utilizing  the cranio sacral  still point which is a gentle technique to bring the CranioSacral rhythm to a gradual therapeutic stop, facilitating greater homeostasis. 

Laurie  Howard She combines her 27+ yrs. experience as a wholistic CMT  with a variety of modalities to offer an intuitive, warm, compassionate, and personalized approach to your overall wellbeing whether for relaxation, rehabilitation, or rejuvenation.

Lisa Furr of Blissful Soles Imagine a descent into Pure Bliss beginning with the Ritual of the Foot Bath, bubbling and vibrating, infused with Lavender.   With the aid of energy tools keeping you grounded, diffused Essential Oils fill your breath as you lay suspended, floating in an anti-gravity chair and encompassed in a blanket of peace, while enjoying the Art of a caring and trained Reflexologist. Your stress will lift as you drift into Well-being and Bliss!

Andre Valentino-Williams "Organic Dragon Claw Accupresure by Andre"

Max Carter A Shaman is a soul healer. Max is a Shaman and as a Reiki practitioner Max specializes in deep soul healing of emotional traumas. While not everyone has a traumatic past his technique gives his clients an emotional reset and activates and balances their Chakra system. This gives added mental clarity to make it easier to view the past with a detached view in order to bring resolution to emotional blocks. The Reiki sessions are always coupled with an Intuitive reading as he reads your soul to give the guidance you truly need in the moment for growth. 

KZFR appreciates everyone on this list! Thank you for volunteering your time and skills in support of community radio!

Would you like to share your bodywork skills this year and volunteer at the Touch of Chico?                                         Please, contact Diane Suzuki at [email protected] Thank you.

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