Episode 224: Moist songs for arid times

 Grace Jones "Walking in the Rain" on Island Records
 Fern Kinney "Groove Me" on Malaco Records
 Willie Hutch "Brother's Gonna Work It Out" on motown
 Marvin Gaye "Got To Give It Up"
 Cloud One "Charleston Hopscotch" on Unidisc Music Inc.
 Justin Warfield "B-Boys On Acid" on Rhino/Warner Bros.
 Clinic "Miss You (Peaking Lights Remix)"
 Defenders Of The Faith "Back Into Time" on Black Diamond
 Material "Seven Souls (The Secret Name) [feat. William S. Burroughs]" on Mercury Records
 Rhythm & Sound "Lightning Storm (François K. Remix)" on Burial Mix
 Juan Trip "Shadows" on Om Records
 Groove Armada "My Friend (Swag's version dub)" on Zomba
 Pimps of Joytime "Street Sound (Nikodemus Remix)" on Wonderwheel
 Osborne "Afrika" on Spectral
 Black Dice "Endless Happiness (Eye Remix)"
 Wink "Sixth Sense (Womb Vocal)" on Ovum
 Simon "Free At Last (Original Mix)"
 Gino Vittori "Self-Evident" on Relief
 Calabi You "Cement (Ivan Smagghe remix)" on Tropism
 Der dritte Raum "Doppeldecker" on Der Dritte Raum Records

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