Ben & Diana

Diana Krall “42Nd Street” from Stepping Out (1993)

Ben Allison “Tricky Rides Again” from Cowboy Justice (2006)

Ben Allison “Tricky Dick” from Cowboy Justice (2006)

Ben Allison “Tiny C” from Medicine Wheel (1998)

Diana Krall “Stop This World” from The Girl In The Other Room (2004)

Cindy Blackman “Mudee Ya” from Works On Canvas (2000)

Don Cherry “Walk to the Mountain” from Multikulti - Live (1991)

Bennie Moten´s Kansas City Orchestra “Rhumba Negro” from Rhumba Negro(1929)

Sam Jones “Bolivia” from Something In Common (1977)

Ben Allison “Dakan” from Peace Pipe (2002)

Trombone Shorty “Backatown” from Backatown (2010)

Diana Krall “Love Me Like a Man” from The Girl In The Other Room (2004)

Ben Allison “Emergency” from Cowboy Justice (2006)

Don Cherry “Trans Love Airway” from Multikulti - Live (1991)

Ben Allison “Weazy” from Cowboy Justice (2006)

Ben Allison “Language Of Love” from Little Things Run the World (2007)


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