July 14, 2023

  • 3:11pm Horns Of Paradise by Vin Gordon on Horns Of Paradise (Techniques/Dub Store Records)
  • 3:14pm The Russians Are Coming by Val Bennett on Reggae Jazz Box Set (Reggae Champs)
  • 3:14pm by on ( )
  • 3:17pm No Drugs by Tinga Stewart on No Drugs (Jammys/Dub Store Records)
  • 3:21pm Weird World by Tinga Stewart on Drugs Man / Weird World (Power Pack/Dub Store Records)
  • 3:23pm by on ( )
  • 3:23pm Walk On By by The Zodiacs on Walk On By / House Upon The Hill (Dub Store Records)
  • 3:26pm by on ( )
  • 3:28pm The Time Has Come by Winston Riley on Come Back Darling (WMG - Trojan Records)
  • 3:30pm by on ( )
  • 3:32pm Work by Wailers on Guided Missile (Dub Store Records)
  • 3:35pm by on ( )
  • 3:40pm Let Me Down Easy by Derrick Harriott & The Crystalites on Let Me Down Easy (WMG - Trojan Records)
  • 3:45pm by on ( )
  • 4:00pm Rolling Rolling by Tartans on I'm Ready / Rolling Rolling (Dub Store Records)
  • 4:03pm Rockin' Chair by Tartans on Don't Take That Train / Rockin' Chair (Dub Store Records)
  • 4:06pm by on ( )
  • 4:09pm I Like Your World by The Gaylettes on Someone to Love (BELIEVE - Revolver Records)
  • 4:12pm Sometimes (Love Is a Special Feeling) by Maytals on There's Always Sunshine (Dub Store Records)
  • 4:14pm Tonight by Gladstone Anderson on Tonight (WMG - Trojan Records)
  • 4:17pm How Soon Pt. 2 by Roland Alphonso on How Soon / How Soon Part 2 (Dub Store Records)
  • 4:20pm Musical Resurrection by Roland Alphonso on 1000 Tons of Megaton / Musical Resurrection (Dub Store Records)
  • 4:23pm by on ( )
  • 4:24pm Mi Nah Tek You Lick by The Maytones on Mi Nah Tek You Lick (Trojan Records)
  • 4:24pm by on ( )
  • 4:34pm Rolling Rolling by Tartans on I'm Ready / Rolling Rolling (Dub Store Records)
  • 4:36pm I Like Your World by The Gaylettes on Someone to Love (BELIEVE - Revolver Records)
  • 4:39pm by on ( )
  • 4:42pm Don't Look Back by Keith, Tex on Stop That Train! ( )
  • 4:45pm Let Me Go Girl by Keith & Tex on Redux (BELIEVE - Soulbeats Records)
  • 4:48pm Let Me Be The One by Keith, Tex on Stop That Train! ( )
  • 4:51pm by on ( )
  • 4:56pm Patricia by Ike Bennett on Phoenix / Patricia (Dub Store Records)
  • 4:59pm Little Boy Blue by Pat Kelly on Little Boy Blue (WMG - VP Records P&D)
  • 5:02pm Word (Acapella Mix) by The Gatherers on Mr Perry I Presume (Pressure Sounds)
  • 5:04pm All That We Need Is Love by Alton Ellis on Entering the Dragon (WMG - Trojan Records)
  • 5:04pm by on ( )
  • 5:05pm Music Got Soul by Hopeton Lewis on Take It Easy With The Rock Steady Beat (Dub Store Records)
  • 5:08pm Cool Collie by Hopeton Lewis on Barry Myers Presents Scratchy Sounds (Ska, Dub, Roots & Reggae Nuggets) (WMG - Trojan Records)
  • 5:11pm Sing Me to Sleep (Acoustic Cover) by Hank Soul on Sixty One Seconds to Midnight: Amazing Night (RMG Classical Records)
  • 5:11pm by on ( )
  • 5:13pm Sounds And Pressure by Hopeton Lewis on Sounds And Pressure (WMG - VP Records P&D)
  • 5:17pm by on ( )
  • 5:20pm Dub Plate Playing by Johnny Osbourne on Johnny Osbourne - Most Wanted (WMG - Greensleeves Records)
  • 5:23pm Bam Bam by Maytals on Bam Bam (Dub Store Records)
  • 5:29pm by on ( )
  • 5:32pm Bangarang by Glen Adams on Sound Box Essentials Platinum Edition (ORCHARD - Culture Town)
  • 5:35pm Groovy Situation by Derrick Harriott on Groovy Situation / Candy (Dub Store Records)
  • 5:38pm Dub Plate Pressure by Lee Perry on Sound System Scratch (Pressure Sounds)
  • 5:41pm Problems by Horace Andy on Harder Shade Of Black (Pressure Sounds)
  • 5:44pm by on ( )
  • 5:48pm Traveling by Burning Spear on Spear Burning Burning Spear V (Burning Music)
  • 5:51pm Natty Rootsman Part 1 by Barry Brown on Praises (Pressure Sounds)
  • 5:52pm by on ( )
  • 5:59pm Step It Up Youthman (Extended) by Barry Brown on Praises (Pressure Sounds)
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