April 22, 2022 Cory Himp Hunt, Alice DiMiceli, Theresa O'Connor, Caitlin Dalby

Earth Day Pledge Drive. Thank you to our guests and to all the listeners who gave their support during the Peace and Justice Program! We surpassed our goal and earned 1871$ for KZFR! 

11:45 Cory Himp Hunt. Artivism and CAVE, CSU, Chico. National Poetry Month prompts on facebook during April. Returns to KZFR airwaves 6/24 hosting this program.

12:00 Alice DiMiceli. Singer/Songwriter American/folk artist. Performing today MONCA. Tickets Eventbrite.com 7 pm. 

12:30 Theresa O'Connor, convener Butte County Shelter for All, find it on facebook. 

12:45 Caitlin Dalby, Director Butte Environmental Council. Details on the Endangered Earth Faire 4/23 at www.becnet.org 

  • 11:30am Seventh Generation by Si Kahn on Bristol Bay (Joe Hill Music LLC)
  • 11:34am by on ( )
  • 12:21pm Every Seed by Alice Di Micele on Every Seed We Plant (Alice Di Micele)
  • 12:24pm Rise by Alice Di Micele on Rise (Alice Otter Music)
  • 12:24pm by on ( )
  • 12:29pm Defend the Earth by Alice Di Micele on Searching (Alice Otter Music)
  • 12:32pm by on ( )
  • 12:49pm Rise by Alice Di Micele on Rise (Alice Otter Music)
  • 12:50pm by on ( )
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