April 16, 2022

  • 3:00pm My Heart by Louis Armstrong & His Hot Five on SATCHMO - COLUMBIA JAZZ CLASSICS (SME - Columbia)
  • 3:03pm by on ( )
  • 3:05pm Cornet Chop Suey by Louis Armstrong and His Hot Five on How Deep Is the Ocean? (BELIEVE - Studiomasters)
  • 3:08pm West End Blues by Louis Armstrong on Volume IV - Louis Armstrong And Earl Hines (SME - Columbia Jazz Masterpieces)
  • 3:12pm Tight Like This by Louis Armstrong & His Savoy Ballroom Five on Volume IV - Louis Armstrong And Earl Hines (SME - Columbia Jazz Masterpieces)
  • 3:15pm by on ( )
  • 3:17pm Gut Bucket Blues by Louis Armstrong The Hot Fives on The Jazz Years - The Twenties (SME - Columbia/Legacy)
  • 3:17pm Black to Gray by Elektrikoolaid on Black To Gray (WMG - WM Philippines)
  • 3:18pm Sweet Georgia Brown by Louis Armstrong on My Heart/I Love Jazz Double (ORCHARD - Red Cab Records)
  • 3:20pm Heebie-Jeebies by Louis Armstrong on Put ‘Em Down Blues (MERLIN - The Viper Label)
  • 3:23pm by on ( )
  • 3:27pm When the Saints Go Marchin' In by Louis Armstrong on Buon Natale - 100 Canzoni di Natale (BELIEVE - Halidon)
  • 3:30pm La Vie En Rose by Louis Armstrong on Jazz Definition (Explicit) (Open Natives)
  • 3:33pm What a Wonderful World by Louis Armstrong on The Best of Smooth Jazz, Vol.1 (Stars Vintage)
  • 3:36pm by on ( )
  • 3:39pm Dream a Little Dream of Me by Louis Armstrong on Le meilleur du jazz - 50 titres de légende (BELIEVE - The Restoration Project)
  • 3:43pm That Old Feeling by Louis Armstrong on Louis Armstrong Meets Oscar Peterson (Expanded Edition) (Fabulous Louis Armstrong Sound Recording)
  • 3:45pm Sobbin' Hearted Blues by Bessie Smith on Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man 1923-1934 (SME - Columbia/Legacy)
  • 3:48pm Now You Has Jazz 1956 by Hollywood Musicals on Now You Has Jazz 1956 (WMG - Milan Records)
  • 3:53pm by on ( )
  • 3:57pm Muskrat Ramble by Lil Hardin Armstrong And Her Orchestra on Chicago: The Living Legends (UMG - Riverside)
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