All Rockabilly Music Tonight on LA Sounds playlist

The King
On "LA Sounds" tonight from 7:30-10:00 PM
Roy Orbison
will be all Rockabilly (early Rock & Roll crossed with Hillbilly Country) Music tonight from The Big Bopper, Brenda Lee, Buddy Holly, Buddy Knox, Chuck  Berry, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers, Jerry Lee Lewis, Karl Perkins, Little Richard, The Paladins, Roy Orbison, Wanda Jackson to Wayne Hancock. Streamed live on

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 08/13/2013 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Dwight Yoakam “Guitars & Cadilacs” from Guitars & Cadilacs (Single)

07:33PM Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens “Streets Of Bakersfield” from Streets of Bakersfield (Single)

07:36PM Hank Williams 1, 2 & 3 “There's A Tear In My Beer” from There's A Tear In My Beer (Single)

07:39PM Al Hendrix “Rockabilly Baby” from Rockabilly Baby (Single)

07:42PM Al Hendrix “Young & Wild” from Young & Wild (Single)

07:45PM Artie Wilson “Tarzan” from Tarzan (Single)

07:48PM The Big Bopper “That's What I'm Talking About” from That's What I'm Talking About (Single)

07:51PM Eddie Bond and the Stompers “Rockin' Daddy” from Rockin' Daddy (Single)

07:54PM Wanda Jackson “Jambalaya!” from Jambalaya! (Single)

07:57PM Roy Orbison “Go Go Go” from Go Go Go (Single)

08:00PM Rockabilly Joe Clay “Ducktail” from Ducktail (Single)

08:03PM Marie Knight “I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them” from I Thought I Told You Not To Tell Them (Single)

08:06PM Imelda May “Going Up Country” from Going Up Country (Single)

07:30PM Imelda May “Don't Do Me No Wrong (Live)” from Don't Do Me No Wrong (Live) (Single)

07:33PM Imelda May “Bury My Troubles” from Bury My Troubles (Single)

07:36PM Chuck Berry “Oh Baby Doll” from Oh Baby Doll (Single)

07:39PM Buddy Knox “Rockabilly Walk” from Rockabilly Walk (Single)

07:42PM Buddy Holly “Rock & Roll Rock” from Rock & Roll Rock (Single)

07:45PM Brenda Lee “Rockabilly Rock” from Rockabilly Rock (Single)

07:48PM Elvis Preseley “Blue Moon of Kentucky” from Blue Moon of Kentucky (Single)

07:51PM The Big Bopper “Old Maid” from Old Maid (Single)

07:54PM Ronnie Dawson “Rockin' Bones” from Rockin' Bones (Single)

07:57PM The Everly Brothers “Be Bop A Lula (Live)” from Be Bop A Lula (Live) (Single)

08:00PM Johnny Guitar Watson “The Bear” from The Bear (Single)

08:03PM Jerry Lee Lewis “Drinking Wine Spo Dee O Dee” from Drinking Wine Spo Dee O Dee (Single)

08:06PM Carl Perkins “Honey Don't” from Honey Don't (Single)

08:09PM CECIL MOORE “(I Lost My) Little Baby” from (I Lost My) Little Baby (Single)

08:12PM Ricky Nelson “Hello Mary Lou” from Hello Mary Lou (Single)

08:15PM Elvis Preseley “Baby Let's Play House” from Baby Let's Play House (Single)

08:18PM Buddy Knox “COME ON BABY!” from COME ON BABY! (Single)

08:21PM Imelda May “Walking After Midnight” from Walking After Midnight (Single)

08:24PM Imelda May “Til I Kissed Ya” from Til I Kissed Ya (Single)

08:27PM Imelda May “Tainted Love” from Tainted Love (Single)

08:30PM The Everly Brothers “Bye Bye Love” from BYE BYE LOVE (Single)

08:33PM The Everly Brothers “Bird Dog” from Bird Dog (Single)

08:36PM Elvis Preseley “You're Right, I'm Left, She's Gone” from You're Right, I'm Left, She's Gone (Single)

08:39PM Elvis Presely “Dixieland Rock” from Dixieland Rock (Single)

08:42PM Elvis Presley “Teddy Bear” from Teddy Bear (Single)

08:45PM Elvis Presley “Milk Cow Blues Boogie” from Milk Cow Blues Boogie (Single)

08:48PM The Georgia Satellites “Keep Your Hand to Yourself” from Keep Your Hand to Yourself (Single)

08:51PM Doug Sahm “Why Why Why” from Why Why Why (Single)

08:54PM The Cyclones “Cool Joe” from Cool Joe (Single)

08:57PM Eydie Gorme “Blame It On The Bossa Nova” from Blame It On The Bossa Nova (Single)

09:00PM Eydie Gorme Con Los Panchos “Sobar A Mi” from Sobar A Mi (Single)

09:03PM Eddie Cochram “SUMMERTIME BLUES” from SUMMERTIME BLUES (Single)

09:06PM The Big Bopper “Pink Petticoats” from Pink Petticoats (Single)

09:09PM Elvis Presely/Carl Perkins/ Jerry Lee Lewis/Johnny Cash “DOWN BY THE RIVERSIDE” from Million Dollar Quartet

09:12PM Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps “Be-Bop-A-Lula” from Blue Jean Bop! (Rock, 2002) on Capitol Catalog

09:14PM Elvis Presely/Carl Perkins/ Jerry Lee Lewis/Johnny Cash “I Shall Not Be Moved” from I Shall Not Be Moved (Single)

09:17PM Elvis Preseley “That's Alright, Mama” from That's Alright, Mama (Single)

09:20PM Elvis Preseley “A Mess Of Blues” from A Mess of Blues (Single)

09:23PM Little Richard “Lucille” from Lucille (Single) 

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