All Cowboy (and Cowgirl and Bluegrass) Music Tonight Playlist

Roy & Dale
The music tonight will be all cowboy music from Al Urban, Bar J Wranglers, Bellamy Brothers, Bill Mnroe, Ked Killen, Cisco Houston, Gene Autry, Hank Williams, Jim & Jesse, Jimmy Martin,  Jimmy Rogers, Lyle Lovett, Marty Robbins, Riders in the Sky, Roy Rogers, Sourdough Slim, Sweetheart of the Rodeo Tex Ridder to
Gene Autry

  Woody Guthrie. Streamed live on

L.A. Sounds (Music) with Sr Felipe 08/06/2013 07:30PM to 10:00PM

07:30PM Iris Dement “Hobo Bill's Last Ride” from Hobo Bill's Last Ride (Single)

07:33PM Jimmy Rogers “T for Texas” from T for Texas (Single)

07:36PM Catfish Keith “Hawaiian Cowboy” from Hawaiian Cowboy (Single)

07:39PM Cisco Houston “Little Joe, The Wrangler” from Little Joe, The Wrangler (Single)

07:42PM Cisco Houston “The Dying Cowboy” from The Dying Cowboy (Single)

07:45PM The Bar J Wranglers “Call Me A Wonderer” from Call Me A Wonderer (Single)

07:48PM The Bar J Wranglers “Blue Spanish Eyes” from Blue Spanish Eyes (Single)

07:51PM The Bar J Wranglers “Riding Home” from Riding Home (Single)

07:54PM Nora Jane Struthers “cowgirl yodel” from cowgirl yodel (Single)

07:57PM Hank Williams Sr. “Happy Roving Cowboy” from Happy Roving Cowboy (Single)

08:00PM Gene Autry and Roy Rogers “Roving Cowboy” from Roving Cowboy (Single)

08:03PM Riders In The Sky “SOUTH OF THE BORDER” from SOUTH OF THE BORDER (Single)

08:06PM Roy Rogers & Clint Black “Hold On Partner” from Hold On Partner (Single)

08:09PM Gene Autry “Deep in the Heart of Texas” from Deep in the Heart of Texas (Single)

08:12PM Roy Rogers “I'm an Old Cowhand” from I'm an Old Cowhand (Single)

08:15PM Waylon Jennings and Jessie Colter “Ladies Love Cowboys” from Ladies Love Cowboys (Single)

08:18PM Riders In The Sky “Cimarron Moon” from Cimarron Moon (Single)

08:21PM Riders In The Sky “Blue Canadian Rockies” from Blue Canadian Rockies (Single)

08:24PM Rosalie Sorrels “Empty Cot In the Bunkhouse Tonight” from Empty Cot In the Bunkhouse Tonight (Single)

08:27PM Del McCoury “Delma Blue” from Delma Blue (Single)

08:30PM Eddie Arnold & Leanne Rimes “Cattle Call” from Cattle Call (Single)

08:33PM Ked Killen “Hey Pretty Mama” from Hey Pretty Mama (Single)

08:36PM Ked Killen “Forbidden Kisses” from Forbidden Kisses (Single)

08:39PM Ked Killen “Crying Blues” from Crying Blues (Single)

08:42PM Marty Robbins “Red River Valley” from Red River Valley (Single)

08:45PM Carl Story “Shout and Shine” from Shout and Shine (Single)

08:48PM Jimmy Martin “Sunny Side Of The Mountain” from Sunny Side Of The Mountain (Single)

08:51PM Jimmy Martin “Honey You Don't Know My Mind” from Honey You Don't Know My Mind (Single)

08:54PM Jim & Jesse “Stormy Horizons” from Stormy Horizons (Single)

08:57PM JIM... & Jesse “She Left Me Standing on the Mountain” from She Left Me Standing on the Mountain (Single)

09:00PM Col. Jim Silvers “You Gotta Let All the Girls Know You're a Cowboy” from You Gotta Let All the Girls Know You're a Cowboy (Single)

09:03PM Peter Lafarge “Trail to Mexico” from Trail to Mexico (Single)

09:06PM Lyle Lovett “San Antonio Girl” from San Antonio Girl (Single)

09:09PM Lyle Lovett “Cowboy Man” from Cowboy Man (Single)

09:12PM Roy Rogers “Gay Ranchero” from Gay Ranchero (Single)

09:15PM Daniels, Charlie “I AM a Pilgrim” from I AM a Pilgrim (Single)

07:30PM Hank Williams Sr. “Lost Highway” from Lost Highway (Single)

07:33PM Hank Penny and His Radio Cowboys “Cowboy Swing” from Cowboy Swing (Single)

07:36PM The Greenbriar Boys “Levee Breaking Blues” from Levee Breaking Blues (Single)

07:39PM Riders In The Sky “Sioux City Sue” from Sioux City Sue (Single)

07:42PM Riders In The Sky “One More Ride” from One More Ride (Single)

07:45PM Paul Simon & Edie Brichel “Blues Eyes Crying In the Rain” from Blues Eyes Crying In the Rain (Single)

07:48PM Roy Rogers “San Antonio Rose” from San Antonio Rose (Single)

07:51PM Roy Rogers “Happy Trails” from Happy Trails (Single)  

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