Chico City Budget & Saturday Farmers Market

Although local issues, all politics is local.  The recently approved Chico City budget cuts $4.8 million from police, fire, parks and more.  Council member Randall Stone and retired Chico State Professor Paul Friedlander will discuss these cuts.  Questions to cover will include how we got here, and how do we get out of this financial hole.

The recent and sudden notice to terminate the lease with the Chico Saturday Farmers Market caused an outpouring of support for the market at the last city council meeting.  Even though the lease was extended for a year, the question of why the market should move remains unanswered.  A representative of the Farmers Market will discuss the recent negotiations with the City and proposals for the future were ultimately rejected.

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12:00am, 6-18-2018
11:30pm, 6-17-2018
9:30pm, 6-17-2018
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