Convergence converges on Chico

Lionel Hampton “Flyin' Home” from Top 40 Hits of 1942 (1942)

Convergence “Beceeted” from Big Lunage

Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake “Evil Blues” from The Newest Sound Around (1961)

E.S.T. “Dodge the Dodo” from Live in Montreux

Convergence “Robynsong” from Big Lunage

Convergence “Tynerisms” from Modern Man (2003)

Tito Puente “Oye Como Va” from Party with Puente (2000)

Herbie Hancock “RockIt” from Future Shock (1983)

Buster Williams “Fortune Dance” from Something More (1989)

Jeanne Lee & Ran Blake “Where Flamingos Fly” from The Newest Sound Around (1961)

Hal Galper “Reach Out” from Reach Out (1976)

Convergence “Big Lunage” from Big Lunage

Convergence “So In Love” from As One (1998)

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