May 31, 2019 Dwane Camp Jr. Homecare Providers Union; Rivera Sun, Author, Activist.

11:30 Dwane Camp, Jr. Lead organizer UDWA on why the rights of home care providers in IHSS are human rights at a time of rising demand for care.

12:00 Rivera Sun, Author many books on nonviolent direct change and the most recent offering for young adults called The Lost Heir ( Editor of Nonviolence News. Discussion of the paradigm shift that is needed.

  • 11:52am I Believe in Being Ready by Rising Appalachia on Leylines (Rising Appalachia)
  • 11:54am by on ( )
  • 11:56am Make Magic by Rising Appalachia on Leylines (Rising Appalachia)
  • 11:58am by on ( )
  • 12:52pm Bicycle Race by Queen on The A-Z of Queen Vol. 1 (Hollywood Records)
  • 12:53pm by on ( )
  • 12:55pm Sugaree by Grateful Dead on Pacific Northwest '73-'74: Believe it If You Need It (Grateful Dead/Rhino)
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