Bogg live in the KZFR studio


Flora Purim “Lua Cheia” from Flora's Song (2005)
Wes Montgomery “Full House” from Full House (1962)
Wes Montgomery “S.O.S.” from Full House (1962)
Screaming Headless Torsos “Graffiti Cemetary” from Screaming Headless Torsos (1995)
Bogg Live studio performance
Bogg “Doubt Full of Love” from So Happy It Hurts (2013)
Bogg “Cobra Coils” from So Happy It Hurts (2013)
Bogg “Little Mother” from So Happy It Hurts (2013)
Carol Sloane “Night and Day” from Out Of The Blue (1962)
Chick Corea “Armando's Rhumba” from Rendezvous in New York (2003)
Astor Piazolla “Otoño Porteño ” from Live at the Montreal Jazz Festival (2001)
Shakti “Lotus Feet” from Remember Shakti (1999) 
Kit Downes Trio “Skip James” from Quiet Tiger (2011)

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