“Groovez & Moodz” Alternating Fridays

We're excited to announce a new show! Groovez & Moodz hosted by new KZFR programmer DJ Amayita!

The show explores the wonderful sounds of open genre music. Ranging from electronic, dance, Latin, soulful, jungle beat grooves (with a mashup of everything in between), DJ Amayita connects listeners to styles of music that are out of this world! Alongside her live mixing of music, Amayita discusses and shares credible information pertaining to the topics of childcare, parenting, and the education of children. With this, she provides updates and commentaries on current relevant news events that can be found online. The resources shared on ‘Groovez & Moodz’ are aimed to support parents, caregivers, and music appreciators in fostering a sense of belonging and interdependence within the community. Follow DJ Amayita on Instagram.

Join Amayita in helping to create a better world by tuning in to ’Groovez & Moodz’ every other Friday 9-11:30am*. Alternating with Dan Robles long running popular show "Radio Free Chico". 

*If you miss the live broadcast you can still listen to the show by clicking the ARCHIVE tab above!

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Their volunteer time keeps independent community radio going strong which in turn gives everyone in our community a chance to be heard. Musicians, Activists, Artists & YOU!
12:41pm, 4-15-2024