2021 T-Shirt Art Contest Winners

2021 T-Shirt Art Contest Winners

We asked for original designs that captured the essence of community radio in northern California, many talented local artists submitted their work & you voted for your favorite. 

So without further delay, the 3 WINNERS of KZFR's 2021 T-Shirt Art Contest (in alphabetical order) are...

Cassiopeia Chleborad, Amanda Jordan & Stephanie Terhune!

Each of these unique designs are now immortalized in KZFR t-shirt fandom. Get yours today!

Vintage Train Design by Cassiopeia Chleborad "To me this piece symbolizes powering through difficult times. With everything that we have been through collectively in recent times, I think it is important to hang on to images of hope that encourage us to keep persevering. The Mighty Zephyr is a powerful machine that continually makes forward progress. This kind of steadfastness that is seen in the imagery of this piece, is brought to us through the little things that help make our day better, like that of community radio. It grounds us to what is happening locally and provides us with glimmers of hope to make our lives and community better. My art can be found at @artbycassiopeia on Instagram and Facebook." 

Headphones Design by Amanda Jordan - "I wanted to show in a simplified way how KZFR is a bridge of color to the community, using landscapes and patterns that can be visualized from the sounds of all the music and information that the station provides. I was born to be an artist. Growing up in rural western New York State, I was exposed to freedom, nature, and my mother's artistic influence. I could be found drawing and taking photos, winning high school and college competitions. Living in Buffalo, NY, and then Oakland, San Francisco, and now Chico, CA, I have had the opportunity to bring my graphic design and artistic talents to many exciting companies and venues. I look forward to expanding my skills through a range of media in the future. KZFR is my main source of news, eclectic music, and great radio shows. I listen to community radio to keep in touch with what is going on in the area. It’s so much easier for me to listen to the radio while driving or working instead of having to read about news or events later."

Animals Design by Stephanie Terhune - "Native wildlife are enjoying listening to KZFR in my t-shirt design. Various types animals are included to show how KZFR strives to be an inclusive radio station that appeals to a diverse audience. It's so neat to me that I can turn to KZFR on my radio and hear my neighbors playing their favorite tunes or just chatting it up. It really does feel like a sort of central hub. If you want to get to the real heart of a place, turn on the local radio station! There's a lot of variety on KZFR, which is so cool, my personal favorite being Eve Of Destruction. It is also super useful for keeping up with local news and events which help us all connect to each other easily. After taking multiple art classes in junior college, I moved to Chico many years ago to earn a degree in graphic design. I've stayed here ever since, loving the little music scene, friendly people and college town vibe. Through college I gained the ability to translate my hand drawn and painted artwork into a digital format that can be cleaned up and modified to meet today's technological standards. I consistently like to challenge myself artistically, so entering the KZFR contest was really fun for me. It was particularly challenging to think of a way to convey community in a way that was relevant to this area and meaningful, but not too cheesy. Eventually, I settled on portraying the community as the cool local wildlife hanging out and listening to KZFR. They are a diverse group of animals that can all come together and agree that KZFR is awesome!"

We thank each artist for sharing their vision with us.