BOD Agenda - September 22, 2020

Golden Valley Community Broadcasters, Inc.  

KZFR Community Radio Board of Directors  



Board Meeting Date:            September 22, 2020

Location:                                Virtual Meeting   

Commencement Time:         6:00 pm

 Estimated Time  

1.      Meeting Opening

1.1    Call to Order/Begin Recording/Welcome/Attendance

1.2    Amend/Approve Agenda

1.3    Amend/Approve Previous Minutes  

1.4    Public Input/Correspondence


5 minutes

2. Action Items



0 minutes


3.      Staff and Committee Updates


3.1     Committee Reports

3.1.1      Executive Committee

3.1.2      Program Committee (PC)

3.1.3      Community Advisory Board (CAB)

3.1.4      Fundraising Committee

3.1.5      Document Review Committee

3.1.6      News Department Committee


35 minutes  


4.             Matters for Discussion  

4.1     News Programming

4.2     Strategic Planning


75 Minutes  

5.             Meeting Finalization

5.1    Review Items for next BOD Agenda

5.1.1 All Station Meeting Postponed until October. Messaging to be determined prior to next board meeting.

5.2    Meeting close/Thank You


        Next BOD meeting scheduled for Tuesday, October 6 at 6PM via Zoom.




5 Minutes  


   6.       Closed Session


0 Minutes


During these difficult times you, our wonderful listeners, showed us how much you love community radio. Thanks to your pledges during our recent Ale Release Celebration we can continue to bring you the programming you obviously value.
We, as a nation, have lost a true champion of justice and equality with the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg...
1:22pm, 9-19-2020