A Message from MONCA

Hello monca Community!

I hope all of you are safe and well as we stay at home pondering our confusing future.  Since the monca board has decided to close the museum in accordance with the Governor’s mandate, I realize how much I miss seeing all your smiling faces and your daily questions/comments about the museum and its exhibitions.

Art, as we know from our past experiences with the Camp Fire, is a healing medium and a place that allows us to come together with our thoughts and our inquisitive minds. Looking at a virtual exhibition, reading quotes that bring thoughts into focus or trying your hand at a new art experience might just be that spark that ignites your spirit and lifts your heart.

Just because we have closed our doors for a while does not mean monca will not stay alive in the eyes of the community. In the very near future, we will be going virtual on social media with several videos about the wonderful glass exhibition currently in the galleries – Unbroken Legacies: Northern California Art Glass. We will accompany these with questions to ponder and to make you think deeper.

Also, because our Driving Docents Program will be unable to visit classrooms performing their wonders as teachers, we will be posting the current lesson online along with the two accompanying images from the collection. With education a major component of monca’s mission, we are dedicated to finding ways to keep art in the public’s eye and that of its future museum visitors.

We will also be posting self-help ways to travel through this journey with suggestions that will keep our art minds active. One thing we ask of you from afar is to keep talking about monca and all the good things that come out of it, send people to our social media sites and remind people to stay safe.  We’ve been through rough times before, we can do it again.


With deep gratitude,

Pat Macias

Executive Director

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