Board of Director's Meeting 9/11/2013 Approved Minutes

PRESENT:       Maris Thompson, Steve O'Bryan, Mary Galvin, Sue Hilderbrand,

                         Sanjay Dev, Tom Leonardi, Xela Young, Martina Rocks, Dan Joseph                      


ABSENT:        Curtis Peldo


STAFF:            Rick Anderson, Ray Laager


GUESTS:         Paul O'Rourke-Babb


  I.        CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:01 P.M. by Maris. 


 II.       AGENDA:  Vote called by Maris to approve the September 11, 2013 agenda as written.  Unanimous.  


III.       MINUTES:  Vote called by Maris to approve the August 14, 2013 minutes as amended.  Unanimous. 




                        A.  Paul O'Rourke-Babb asked to be heard regarding the Peace and Justice Program being moved to Monday at 6:00 p.m.  Paul expressed concern that the move would mean losing Laurel Avalon as a host on the program.  At this time Rick announced that he overrode the Program Committee's decision to move the Peace and Justice Program to Monday, 6:00p.m and  it will remain on the air Friday, 11:30 a.m.  Paul continued, voicing his support for public affairs and news programming.


                         B.   Ray announced the Salmon Festival will be held in Oroville, September 27 and 28. 




                          A.  General Manager, Rick: 


                                       1.    Past Event Update:  Jackie Greene was a big success and made $7,000; Epic Fest made $700;  Magnolia Gift and Garden Mixer was well attended; Tim and Nicki Bluhm concert was broadcast live from Chappelle de L'Artiste in Paradise. 


                                    2.    Future Events: Ha'Penny Bridge, September 21, Chico Women's Club; John Doyle,  September 25, Club O'Bryan; BEC Benefit at Grub Coop September 27, Dayton Road; Touch of Chico, September 29, Cedar Grove; Chikoko Fashion Show, October 12,; Mike Comfort, October 18, Chico Women's Club; Fall Pledge Drive,  October 23-November 1; David Nelson, November 7 (unconfirmed), Chico Women's Club; Holiday Party, December 20, Chico Women's Club.  


                                      3.   The issue of volunteer accountability at events was addressed.  Serving alcohol at events has specific legal Alcohol Beverage Control rules and ramifications Rick is drafting  a document for all programmers with volunteer guidelines.  Rick will look into training by an Alcohol Beveral Control official. Dan brought up the issue of security at public events, citing an incident at the Jackie Greene concert. He suggested Rick include language in the volunteer guidelines to address security .


                                              ACTION ITEM:  Rick will look into  Responsible Beverage Service Training                                                        ACTION ITEM:  Rick will draft a volunteer guideline  document for review at                                      the October Board meeting. 


1.      Volunteerism in general was discussed.  A suggestion was made that the volunteer sign-up sheet be posted again.  Rick will pass the suggestion on to Leah.


                        B.    Underwriting Director, Ray:  Attachment 1                                                                                                                             

                        This report includes all activities performed from August 1 to August 31, 2013.

                        Underwriting activity for the month of August 2013 involved 19 contracts: 14 renewals of existing accounts and 5 new or returning accounts, totaling $7,558.00. Underwriting activity for the same time period last year, August 2012, was $8,680.00, a decrease of 13%. The total for ongoing Trade activities is $3,092.00 bring the grand total for all Underwriting activity (Underwriters, Sponsorship and Trades) for August, 2013 is $10,650.00. The main reason for this decrease was the loss of Rabobank as an Underwriter. That contract was worth $1,000.00. I was informed from their Marketing Director in Roseville that they are interested in returning again in the future. Due to vacations, August is traditionally our slowest time for Underwriting but is often made up in September as the seasons change and school starts up again.

                        There has been no response to the $2,500.00 Sponsorship Packets sent to Tri Counties Bank and                  US Bank at this time.

                        August Underwriters

                        3 Month and Short Term Contracts – Paula Poundstone/ Sherpa Concerts, Ridgestock,                               Yosemite Songwriters & Ifa Journey Jamaican Restaurant

                        6 Month Contracts – Andrew Sprague Construction, Chico Conservation Voters, Chico Home Brew Shop, Floral Native Nursery & Restoration, Messina Meats, Olde Gold Jewelry, The Zeppelin Works, The Floral Collective, Chapman Community Coalition, The Handle Bar & Advantage Insurance

                        Annual Contracts – The Plant Barn & Bill Carter Reality

                        New & Returning Underwriters – Ifa Journey Jamaican Restaurant, Paula Poundstone/ Sherpa  Concerts, Lost Sierra Hoe Down, Ridgestock & Yosemite Songwriters Retreat


                        I.D. International Chico Sports Club Melody Records

                        Printed Image Upper Crust Bakery Chico Racket Club

                        Skyway Golf Mt. Shasta Spring Water Cartridge World

                        Chico News & Review Upgraded Living Magazine Growing Up Chico

                        Electric Canyon Studios Harrison, Daily, Wright

                        Meetings & Events

                        8/14/13 KZFR BOD Meeting

                        8/15/13 BNI Meeting

                        8/19/13 Fundraising Comm. Meeting

                        8/22/13 BNI Meeting

                        8/25/13 Jackie Greene Concert

                        8/29/13 BNI Meeting

                        8/29/13 BOD Diversity Sub-Comm. Meeting  




                          A.     Program Committee:  Rick reported the committee met and discussed program issues.  The committee wants to work with the Board on programming matters.




                         A.       Chair: Maris informed members that Curtis will not be available for Board meetings during the fall semester due to his teaching schedule. Curtis may be able to make the December meeting; therefore, members agree that he can retain his current  Board status. How to deal with extended absences was discussed.  Maris suggested at a future time looking into changing the language in the Bylaws specific to extended absences   


                        B.       Vice-Chair:  No report.


                         C.       Secretary:  No report. 


                          D.       Treasurer:  Xela presented an overview of the budget.  She will send by e-mail a more detailed report with bullet points for members to review before the October 9 Board                                    meeting.


                                   ACTION ITEM:  Final approval of budget at October 9 Board meeting. 




                          A.      Stratetic Plan: Each committee outlined progress made during the month on Goals and Three Month Action Plans.  Some committees need more work.  Committees agree to meet before the next Board meeting to finalize first year objectives and three month action plans.  Sue will send out a draft in WORD of objectives and three month action plans. 


                                  ACTION ITEM:   Approval of the revised KZFR Mission Statement, Strategic      Plan Goals andThree Month Action Plans at the October 9 Board meeting.


                                      Announcement: Laura Sedergerg is resigning as chair of The Community Advisory Board and is recommending Mark Latham be her replacement.  Members discussed CAB 's role and agree there is need to clarify it's relationship with the Board.  How to provide direction to CAB was also discussed.  This issue will be looked into by the     committee for Goal Six of The Strategic Plan. 


IX.       ADJOURNMENT:   The meeting adjourned at 8:18 p.m.                     


Next MeetingWednesday, October 9, 2013, 6:00 P.M., KZFR Conference Room. 


Respectfully submitted by Olivia duMosch

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