Creating Guidelines in Sexual and Romantic Dynamics

Let's be better at creating, nurturing and thriving in our romantic and/or sexual relationships!

At this workshop we’re going to explore how sexual and/or romantic dynamics are created! How do we communicate our preferences, our needs and our boundaries? How do we embrace our creative skills in building these dynamics? No matter what your sexual or romantic preferences may be, we all participate in creating those dynamics, so let's be bad ass builders. 

Friday, May 24th, 7pm at the Chico Guild Hall (2775 Nord Ave, Chico) ALL are welcome! LGBTQ+ friendly. More details

Hosted by the Chico Polyamory Community - Local community platform that offers educational workshops, support groups and social events that support consensual non monogamy/Polyamory.

Saturday June 8th - Kicks off at 11am at 3rd St & Flume then pedals thru town heading to The End of Normal...
11:42am, 5-21-2019
Thurs, Aug 29th - Celebrated pianist, one of the foremost instrumental composers of our time.
Sun, May 19th - Post screening discussion with Filmmaker, KZFR programmer Sue Hilderbrand
10:50am, 5-17-2019
We apologize for any inconvience. Next Orientation is June 10th.
2:30pm, 5-13-2019