Thank You For Understanding

We appreciate everyone who called or clicked to pledge their support during our spring 2019 pledge drive. We have been working hard to get everyone their Thank You Gifts as quickly as possible.

If you requested one of the new tote bags, Honey Run Bridge or Goddess shirts we apologize for the delay. We are expecting those items from the printer within 2-3 weeks. If you are eagerly awaiting a Devastation Sounds shirt, Sanjay has assured us those will be arriving soon. 

We appreciate your patience and support. We will keep you all posted.
Put A Face To The Voice: David, Jim, Steve, Rick, Dan & Hondo!
Host Matt Fidler delivers local news affecting the Sacramento Valley and beyond
3:00pm, 5-19-2020
Put A Face To The Voice: Anna, Dan, Kozmic Kev, David & John