Board of Director's Meeting 7.10.13 Approved Minutes

KZFR 90.1FM Board of Director's Meeting 7/10/13 Approved Minutes

PRESENT:       Steve O'Bryan, Mary Galvin, Justin Vodden, Sue Hilderbrand, Curtis Peldo, Sanjay Dev                      


ABSENT:        Maris Thompson


STAFF:            Rick Anderson


GUESTS:         None


  I.        CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:04 P.M. by Steve


 II.       AGENDA:  Table Budget Approval to August meeting.  Vote called by Steve to   approve the    July 10, 2013 agenda as amended.  Unanimous.  


III.       MINUTES:  Motion by Justin to approve the June 12, 2013 Board of Director's                                                        meeting minutes as written.  Second by Mary.  Unanimous.


IV.       ANNOUNCEMENTS:  None. 




                        A.  General Manager, Rick: 


                                     1.    2013 is the station's  FCC license renewal year.  The application paperwork is very structured and is in process.  August 1 is the official filing date. The current license expires December 1.  On-line announcements are being made.


                                     2.    Staff vacations are scheduled and office coverage has been arranged. 


                                      3.    No further transmitter problems.  Interference from a commercial radio                                                        station is still the main suspect.


                                       4.   Utility bills are high due to high summer termperatures.


                        B.    Underwriting Director, Ray:  Attachment 1                                                                                 


                        This report includes all activities performed from June 1 to June 30, 2013. Underwriting activity for the month of June 2013 involved 21 contracts: 19 renewals of existing accounts and 2 new or returning accounts, totaling $10,237.00. Underwriting activity for the same time period last year, June 2012 was $8,284.00 increase of 23%. Included in the total is a $1,000.00 Bocce Ball Tournament Sponsorship from Plumbing The total for ongoing Trade activities is $3,092.00, bring the grand total for all Underwriting activity (Underwriters, Sponsorship and Trades) for June, 2013 is $13,329.00.


                        June Underwriters

                       3 Month and Short Term Contracts – High Sierra Music Festival & Chico Environmental                           Science

                       6 Month Contracts – Bruce Jenkins Insurance, The Worm Farm, North Rim Adventure Sports,                                Paradise Yoga Center, Satava Art Glass, 2 Cool Music School, Tony’s Hardwood Floors & Chico                  Paper Company

                        Annual Contracts – D.A. Lampe Construction & The Bicycle Wheel

                       New & Returning Underwriters – High Sierra Music Festival & Concours de Elegance

                       Trades I.D. International, Chico Sports Club, Melody Records, Printed Image, Upper Crust Bakery, Chico Racket Club, Skyway Golf, Mt. Shasta Spring Water, Cartridge World, Chico News & Review, Upgraded Living Magazine, Growing Up Chico, Electric Canyon Studios, and  Harrison, Daily, Wright Has Beans

                       Meetings & Events

                        6/03/13 Event Meeting for Celebration of the Song, Stevie Cook & Bocce

                        6/04/13 Bocce Clinic

                        6/05/13 Celebration of the Song

                        6/06/13 BNI Meeting

                        6/12/13 BOD Meeting

                        6/13/13 BNI Meeting

                        6/17/13 KHSL News at Noon w/ Linda Watkins- Bennett promoting Bocce Ball Tournament

                        6/19/13 Staff Meeting

                        6/20/13 BNI Meeting

                        6/27/13 BNI Meeting




                          A.     Program Committee:  The committee met July 9. Teen Talk was discussed.  A few programmers have left and how to fill the slot is a concern. There is a possibility the program will not continue due to lack of interest.                                                                              


                          B.      Fundraising Committee:  The committee met July 8.  Bocce Ball made $2,500; Los Cabolitos de la Cancion lost $450; Celebration of Song made $750; Stevie Cook and Friends made $700.  

                                   Upcoming events include:  July 26, Birthday Celebration at Chico Women's Club; August 25, Jackie Greene , Paradise Performing Arts Center; September 8, Tim and Nicki Bluhm; October, A Dog Named Blue, Chikoko. 




                         A.       Chair:  No report.       


                         B.       Vice-Chair:  No report.


                         C.       Secretary:  No report. 


                         D.       Treasurer:  Tabled.


                                   ACTION ITEM:  Adoption of Budget at August 14, 2013 BOD meeting.                                   


VIII.    NEW BUSINESS:  None                      




                          B.    Stratetic Plan:  Tabled.


                                  ACTION ITEM:   Finalization of September, October and November Action    Plans of the Stategic Plan at August 14, 2013 BOD Meeting.


X.       ADJOURNMENT:   The meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m.                     


Next MeetingWednesday, August 14, 2013, 6:00 P.M., KZFR Conference Room. 


Respectfully submitted by Olivia duMosch

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