BOD Agenda - February 12, 2019

Golden Valley Community Broadcasters, Inc.

KZFR Community Radio Board of Directors

February 12, 2019



Board Meeting Date:              February 12, 2019   

Location:                                 Room 416

Commencement Time:            6:00 pm


Estimated Time

1.       Meeting Opening

1.1  Call to Order

1.2  Amend/Approve Agenda

1.3  Previous Minutes

2.       Announcements/Reports

2.1   Announcements

2.2   Staff Reports

          2.2.1   GM Report Rick

          2.2.2   Office Manager Report - Grant

          2.2.3   Underwriting Report - Ray

2.3   Treasurer’s Report – Jim

2.4   Committee Reports

          2.5.1   Programming Committee

          2.5.2   Community Advisory Board

          2.5.3   Fundraising Committee

3.       Matters for Discussion

3.1  Musician fundraising events - LeAnn

3.2  The Weather Forecast - Bobbi

4.       Action Items

4.1 Program Committee Bylaw Change

4.2 Board Appointed Program Committee Members:

      4.2.1  Chris Nelson

      4.2.2  Walter Mahoney


5.       Meeting Finalization

5.1  Review actions to be taken

5.2  Items for March Agenda

5.3  Meeting close


6.      Closed Session (if necessary)


learn about the PG&E Assistance program and the Chico State Regenerative AG Program
2:35pm, 8-20-2019
We'd be honored if you would Vote for KZFR! We appreciate your ongoing love and support of community radio.
As culture is always changing and society itself continues to evolve, KZFR understands that we must navigate an increasingly diverse world both within and outside our work at the station.
12:08pm, 8-14-2019
Call for Photo Submissions - Have you taken great shots at one of our events? Send them our way today. Deadline Sept 4th
10:33am, 8-12-2019