Board of Director's Meeting 6.12.13 Approved Minutes

PRESENT:        Maris Thompson, Steve O'Bryan, Mary Galvin, Justin Vodden, Sue Hilderbrand,

                          Curtis Peldo, Sanjay Dev                      


ABSENT:         None


STAFF:            Rick Anderson, Ray Laager


GUESTS:         BOD Applicants:  Dan Joseph, Martina Rocks, Xela Young. 


  I.        CALL TO ORDER:  The meeting was called to order at 6:01 P.M. by Maris.


 II.       AGENDA:  Move Strategic Plan after BOD Applications-Interviews.  Vote called by Maris to    approve the June 12, 2013 agenda as amended.  Unanimous.  


III.       MINUTES:  Motion by Steve to approve the May 8, 2013 Board of Director's                                                meeting minutes as written.  Second by Sanjay.  Unanimous.


IV.       ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Rick announced that the Stevie Cook Band will be at Chico Women's     Club, Friday, June 14. 




                        A.  General Manager, Rick: 


                                     1.    Transmitter problem is gone for now.  Reason is somewhat mysterious and                                                   is still being investigated. 


                                     2.    Celebration of Song was very successful; Kyle Williams was the winner.                                                      Wayne “The Train” Hancock was a sell out.


                                      3.    Upcoming events:  June 14, Stevie Cook and Friends; June 23, Bocce Ball; June 24; Live broadcast of Mother Hips fromSierra Nevada Big Room; June 28, Reckoning;  June 29,Wildflower Music Festival; July 26, Jackie Green's band Wooden Revolt celebrates KZFR's birthday at Chico Women's Club; August 25, Jackie Green at Paradise Performing Arts Center; September 8, Tim and  Nicki Bluhm at Chappelle de L'Artiste.                     


                                       4.   Fall Pledge Drive set for October is in the planning stages. 


                        B.    Underwriting Director, Ray:  Attachment 1



                         This report includes all activities performed from May 1 to May 31, 2013.

                         Underwriting activity for the month of May 2013 involved 22 contracts: 19 renewals of existing accounts and 3 new or returning accounts, totaling $9,320.00. Underwriting activity for the same time period last year, May 2012 was $10,107.00, a decrease of 6%. The total for ongoing Trade activities is $3,092.00. The grand total for all Underwriting activity for May, 2013 is $12,412.00. In this month we also started the Sponsorship and team recruitment for the 8th Annual KZFR Bocce Tournament. The event will be on Sunday, June 23 at the Chico Racket Club 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. I ask all Board members to please be involved as either volunteers or team members.


                        May Underwriters

                        3 Month and Short Term Contracts – True North Tour & the Kate Wolf Festival

                        6 Month Contracts – Steve Depa of Remax of Chico, Andrew Sprague Construction, Plumbing Supply, Rooney Law Office, West Guard insurance, Law Office of Michael O. Hays, String Bead, GRID Alternatives, Woodwright Construction, Turner Chiropractic, Northern Star Mills, Mountain Sports, Lyon Books, Dr. Mike Shuell, Dahlmeier  Insurance, Chioc Certifed Farmers Market, Apothecary Options, Alternative Energy Systems, The Raw Bar & Cetera Financial Network

                        Annual Contracts – None

                        New & Returning Underwriters – Cetera Financial Network, True North Tour & the Kate Wolf                  Festival


                        I.D. International Chico Sports Club Melody Records

                        Printed Image Upper Crust Bakery Chico Racket Club

                        Skyway Golf Mt. Shasta Spring Water Cartridge World

                        Chico News & Review Upgraded Living Magazine Growing Up Chico

                        Electric Canyon Studios Harrison, Daily, Wright Has Beans

                        KVMR Celtic Festival


                        Meetings & Events

                        5/02/13 BNI Meeting

                        5/05/13 Meeting with Wildflower Music Festival

                        5/08/13 BOD Meeting

                        5/09/13 BNI Meeting

                        5/13/13 Staff Meeting

                        5/16/13 BNI Meeting

                        5/16/13 Staff Meeting

                        5/20/13 Bocce Clinic

                        5/22/13 Meeting with Wildflower Music Festival

                        5/23/13 BNI Meeting

                        5/30/13 BNI meeting


VI.    COMMITTEE REPORTS:  No reports.




                         A.       Chair:  No report.       


                         B.       Vice-Chair:  No report.


                         C.       Secretary:  No report. 


                         D.       Treasurer:  Justin and Sue are working on the budget.  A graph of actuals was distributed to  members to help explain the ebb and flow of the budget over a year.  Reports will be sent to members via email for review for final budget approval at the July 10 meeting. 


                                     ACTION ITEM:  Adoption of budget at July 10, 2013 BOD meeting.                                  


VIII.    NEW BUSINESS:  None                      




                           A.     Board Elections:   Dan Joseph, Martina Rocks  and Xela Young were interviewed                          for Board openings. 


                                   Motion byJustin to appoint Dan Joseph, Martina Rocks and Xela Young to                                          the KZFR Board.  Second by Curtis.  Unanimous.


                                    Motion by Steve to appoint Tom Leonardi to the KZFR Board.  Second by                                           Sanjay.  Carries with majority vote, two abstentions. 


                                    Maris will notify the four newly appointed members.  They will begin serving at the August meeting.  Sue and Curtis will organize an orientation.


                          B.    Stratetic Plan:   Maris stated work on the Stragegic Plan has “bogged down”  and committees need to to get their documents written.  Members to agree to meet as a formal body on Wednesday, June 26 to work on Strategic Plan.  Committees need   to have action plans in place for September, October, and November by the July     10 Board meeting.


                                   ACTION ITEM:   Finalization of September, October and November Action   Plans of the Stategic Plan.


X.       ADJOURNMENT:   The meeting adjourned at 7:21 p.m.                     


Next MeetingWednesday, July 10, 2013, 6:00 P.M., KZFR Conference Room. 


Respectfully submitted by Olivia duMosch

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