Skillshare Schedule @ KZFR's 17th annual Touch of Chico

KZFR 17th annual Touch of Chico Skill Share Schedule

Thanks to all the talent teachers & healers we always have a fascinating Skillshare schedule for you to enjoy at The Touch! You don't want to miss it! Sunday, Sept 30th at the Chico Creek Nature Center. 

~ Noon Standing Yoga with Jeanette

Jeanette Conery is a Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance. She's currently enrolled in a two-year training program for Yoga Therapy at the Stress Management Center of Marin, where she's learning to apply the many tools of yoga to help individuals ease a wide array of symptoms, from chronic pain to depression and more. She currently offers group classes and one-on-one yoga sessions at Creating a Sustainable You, home of Massage by Candi. She will be leading a gentle standing yoga asana practice.

~ 1pm The Simple Truths About Essential Oils with Cornelia Willow

This Skill Share will explain what Essential Oils are, as well as when and how to use them. Practical applications will be given for our home environment, personal care and cooking, providing remedies and recipes you can take home. Samples will be provided to begin or continue your exploration of essential Oils. Contact her by email at

~ Also at 1pm Aloha Tai Chi with Michael Gaughn (by the main building)

~ 2pm  Mind Power: Visualizations to Achieve Your Goals with Gayle Kimball

Gayle Kimball writes the “Ask Dr. Gayle” column for the Lotus Guide and offers a monthly Mind Power Workshop.

~ 3pm Introduction to Compassionate Communication with Jonah Richman

Communication challenges can lead to painful breakups/divorce, distancing from loved ones, stress, trouble sleeping, difficulties succeeding at work, and even a lower immune system. Through learning Compassionate Communication, thousands across the world have changed their unhelpful communication patterns, reignited their struggling relationships, reconnected with estranged family members, and started living a more empowered, peaceful, healthy, and loving life. Jonah Richman’s greatest passion is in helping people connect. He studied with master teachers and healers who encouraged him to start offering free communication classes out of his local Peace and Justice Center. Jonah is an intuitive and gifted teacher who inspires others to push their edges, say what they need to say, and create healthy relationships based on love, authenticity, creativity, and passion.

~ 4pm  Sound Healing with Tuning Forks with Pia States

Vibrational Healing session. Find out more about different sets of tuning forks with a spectrum of frequencies affecting our Body, Mind & Spirit in various ways. The sound vibrations help you reach the Still Point where Healing takes place. You will be able to experience the profound resonance of the tuning forks and understand the way they affect us by removing stuck energies in our bodies.

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