RIP - Wesley Robertson

KZFR has lost a friend of the station, Wesley Robertson.

"We have truly lost a one-of-a-kind, larger than life, unique KVMR character and talent." - from KVMR

Wesley Robertson was a DJ at our sister station KVMR, and was involved in a fatal car accident Saturday night. Simple words can't express our shock and sorrow at his loss. We loved Wes and will miss him dearly. Wes was instrumental in the development of KZFR's live broadcasts from the Big Room and he always supported our commitment to live music. Wes was well-known in Northern California as an ambassador for live music and was a fixture at High Sierra, Strawberry and the Celtic Festival. 

The KZFR community offers our love and condolences to his friends and family. R.I.P Wes.

8:45am, 3-14-2018
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8:47am, 3-14-2018
We remember few people in our prayers and Wesley Robertson one of them and I still remember the cause of his death.The give tribute last week and it is one of the best tribute.
1:16am, 3-17-2018
We cherished Wes and will miss him beyond all doubt. Wes was instrumental in the advancement of KZFR's live communicates from the Big Room and he generally bolstered our responsibility regarding unrecorded music. Wes, We recall few individuals in our petitions and Wesley Robertson one of them regardless I recollect the reason for his death.

3:32am, 3-24-2018
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3:36am, 3-26-2018
Well this is a sad news indeed Wesley was one of the wisest personality which I knew no one can achieve his level of class the perfect, have led me here to this point.
12:58am, 4-2-2018
4:42am, 4-23-2018
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