CPJC's Bash Black Friday Bash

Fight Consumerism & Give Back to Your Community at Chico Peace & Justice Center's 1st Annual Bash Black Friday Bash Music Event

Attend  the Chico Peace and Justice Center’s Bash Black Friday Bash, an all age, anti-consumerism music event Friday, November 25th, 8 PM-12 AM, at the Chico Women's Club, 592 E 3rd St, Chico, CA 95928. 

Bring the whole family to enjoy live music from popular local groups such as, Sofa King, the Butte Area Cypher Crew, Hap Hathaway, and Channel 66. Slyder's Grill food truck will be selling tasty eats and drinks and will donate a portion of their night’s proceeds to CPJC.

Doors open at 8 PM, Show at 8:15 PM. Tickets are only $5 by CLICKING HERE or at the Door. However, other financial donations are welcome.

CPJC request attendees to bring gently used toys, which will be donated to Love Chapmantown and the African American Family and Cultural Center who will distribute the toys to local families in need. (No new toys, please! CPJC’s intention is to discourage needless consumerism.)


The Butte Area Cypher Crew is a hip-hop and rap group that can be found at most Thursday Night Markets in Chico during the warmer months allowing anyone to pick up the microphone and speak their mind skillfully and features many local community MC's.

Hap Hathaway has contributed to the evolution of our cultural landscape in many ways as a Hip Hop producer/DJ/MC, as a promoter/organizer of live shows, and now as an instructor of Hip Hop Kulture with an emphasis on DJ performance styles/techniques and MCing/songwriting.  Hap will be performing with his brother at the DJ table.

Channel 66 will be getting me their write up but for now: Channel 66 is a local cover band that started out specializing in music from the early 60s for a High School Reunion and has since evolved and moved forward into more and more modern music.

Sofa King combines a jazz, funk, soul and R&B sound with honesty, emotion and deep down, feel-good dance grooves. Each song is a reflection of the diversity of parts that make up this dynamic group. While Sofa King is a bass driven, hard funk act, they pay homage to the stylistic groove funk of the 70's and 80's. Whether it be disco, R&B or swung funk, Sofa King has something to offer every soul music lover.

“Although this is a fundraiser to help continue and expand the work that CPJC does within the community, our hope is that people of all ages will turn out to spend some face time with their fellow community activists. If you want to find ways to advance causes that are important to you or want to learn about how to mobilize or if you just want to find out what types of volunteer opportunities are available to you, this is a great event to get to,” says Margot Zook, CPJC Board Secretary.

CPJC Executive Director, Aramenta Hawkins further adds, “We purposely kept the ticket cost low, because our main goal is to provide a fun event that people of all types can afford to go to. We spend a lot of time posting our wishes for community on social media and organizing vigils and protests, but of course it takes more that that to organize for change. We need to start having face-to-face conversations about the work that needs to be done and getting to know each other and exchanging ideas to form strategies for action together. Even in the 21st century change isn’t achieved by posting opinions online.”

Created in 2010 by interested community members, the Love Chapmantown Coalition is a part of one of Chico's most underserved communities: the Chapmantown neighborhood in south Chico. The Coalition has engaged in a number of projects based on community expressions of interest.  These range from street lighting and sidewalk improvement to free little libraries to community gatherings, picnics, and expressions of community strength. Love Chapmantown believes that the power of a community is in its people, more specifically, the number of people. With numbers comes strength. Love Chapmantown Community Coalition believes that strength is meant for service and not status and that giving to others is a priority not an afterthought. Using the power of community, and working together can truly make a difference.

The African American Family & Cultural Center opened in 2011 as a MHSA funded collaboration between Youth for Change, Butte County Department of Behavioral Health. The idea of the cultural center was to create a place to restore cultural values and identity as well as offer programs and services pertaining to mental health to families in the surrounding community. The African American Family & Cultural Center believes that by increasing awareness of the many mental health issues within our community, and with the right resources and guidance that the community can be healed and we will create vibrant lives.

 For more info contact CPJC, at info@chicopeace.org and/or call 530 893-9078.

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